Institutional Real Estate Europe

Dec. 1, 2012: Vol. 6, Number 11

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Steering a Firm Course: Real Estate Investors Should Not Be Deterred by Short-Term Events in China; the Long-Term Story Remains Favourable

Negative news and reports on the Chinese economy have emerged as the world’s growth engine shows signs of decelerating. People have started to question China’s growth pattern, which relies heavily on investment. A more in-depth look at the risks associated with the Chinese economy and the property market demonstrates that much of the perceived risk is, in fact, overstated.


Dealing with New Circumstances: Events of Recent Years Have Given Rise to Rethinking on Underwriting of Real Estate Investments

Following the weakening of European property markets, investors and managers have come to realise that some of the recent challenges and financial difficulties were also the consequence of poorly-conceived investment strategies, governance and weak alignments of interests between managers and investors. In this article, we will try to explore the situations that created these challenges and explain how the underwriting in non-listed real estate funds has evolved.


A Conversation with Karen Sieracki

Editor Richard Fleming spoke recently with Dr Karen Sieracki, director at KASPAR Associates Ltd in Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom, about the role of real estate in the investment world of the moment.

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