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The data dilemma: Data centres are growing across Europe as the global economy demands large increases in digital storage space

Making the case for investment in data centres is, on the surface at least, not that difficult.The need to store and process digital information has grown exponentially in recent times, while the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted how dependent many industries and service providers are on virtual clouds to remain in close contact with their customers and business partners.

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The best play: How can investors get the most out of traditional and niche sectors, going forward?

In dramatic fashion, the pandemic took the shine off traditional real estate sectors, such as hospitality, retail and, to a lesser extent, office. At the same time, it accelerated already-existing investor interest in logistics and data centres, which are expected to outperform in the medium to long term. Looking ahead, will any other traditional or niche real estate sectors be able to provide equally appealing risk-adjusted returns?

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