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Centre of attention: European CBDs are displaying strong resilience

In a report released in May 2023 named The Future of the Central Business District, JLL claimed commercial centres across the globe were at “an inflection point”. Three years on from the start of the COVID-19 crisis, central business districts (CBDs) across the world were facing a “fundamental need to reinvent themselves” stated the advisory firm. A year later, JLL’s thesis, in a broad sense, remains true. But in Europe, the picture is now more nuanced

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Sustainability experts: A roundtable discussion on the future of green investing in real estate

In April, Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific senior editor Dr Jennifer Molloy spoke with three experts on sustainability, and their responses are collected below. The Q&A includes Ian Lieblich, head of ESG at EG Funds; Julie Manning, global head of climate and carbon with LaSalle Investment Management; and Shami Nissan, head of sustainability at Actis.

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