Institutional Real Estate FundTracker

Providing investors and investment managers with reliable data, information and insight on fundraising activity in the private equity real estate arena. Institutional Real Estate FundTracker reports on the extensive data captured by IREI’s FundTracker database. It is a quarterly electronic publication that provides investors and investment managers with the most comprehensive overview of fund offerings and fundraising activity in the private equity real estate arena. FundTracker features analysis and insights into fundraising activity and trends, fund news, summary tables of recent investor commitments and recent fundraising activity, as well as analysis of fundraising by investment style, geographic focus and fund size. In addition, every quarter the publication reports and summarizes the fundraising volume for that period and features a detailed list of the funds that reached a final close during the previous three months. The quarterly summary issue also includes a sampling of more than 100 funds that are currently being marketed. This extensive data and information provides readers with a global view of the investment landscape, while monitoring capital flows by investment strategy and region. Qualified investors are eligible to subscribe to our FundTracker database for FREE and receive this monthly Fundtracker report with their database subscription. Please contact Karen Palma at to sign up.

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Issues from 2021

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