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The consultant’s view: Infrastructure investing from the perspective of the consultant

by Drew Campbell

Investment consultants, more so than others in institutional investing, have a unique perspective. They hear from and work with investors such as pension plans, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds, as well as the investment managers who help these investors manage their capital. Consultants interact with the investment staff of pensions as well as their boards of trustees, and with the managers who make investments and the placement agents who represent their funds. In other words, they see all sides of the relationship between investors and investment managers. If you want good insight into the state of affairs in infrastructure investing, a consultant is a good person to ask.

From the Current Issue

The case for an infrastructure investment trust: Democratizing investment in roads, bridges and other infrastructure

by Scott Crowe and Ted Brooks

While there is broad agreement on the need for significant investment in U.S. infrastructure, the question of how to pay for it is more contentious, with different views of how to privately finance public assets. The United States in fact has a long history of successful private market solutions to infrastructure needs, dating back to the creation of our railway system over 150 years ago. More recently, listed structures such as REITs and MLPs, targeting telecommunications and energy pipelines, have proven successful in answering the challenge of stimulating private investment to address infrastructure needs by offering access to the widest possible pool of capital.

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