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A conversation with Michael Likosky on U.S. airport and infrastructure systems

by Drew Campbell

New York state has been a leader in the United States in innovative infrastructure investment, such as P3 and design-build — what is the approach, and what are some of the highlights and impacts of these efforts? When Governor Cuomo came to office in 2011, New York state’s infrastructure was degraded. We saw the impact of chronic underinvestment on not only the broader economy, but also on much of its citizenry. For decades, New York state had been razor focused on wealth maintenance, as had much of the country, rather than on broadening opportunity. Cuomo went at this underlying illness through a vision-driven massive investment in infrastructure throughout the state, which has sustained to this day. Our vast country is made up of laboratories of innovation. New York state is the sole laboratory focused on infrastructure-driven economic growth.

From the Current Issue

Affordable housing: Shortage of affordable housing in U.S. hits crisis point

by Nigel Wilson

Editor’s note: This article was written before the global coronavirus crisis, but once we’re past it, the underlying shortage of affordable housing, although temporarily off our radar while dealing with said crisis, is likely to persist, as is the overall trajectory of real estate values. This is the first part of a two-part series on modern modular construction providing solutions to housing shortages. The prevailing narrative would have it that, currently, the United States is enjoying a high point in the long-running, ongoing, post–Great Recession recovery. Unemployment rates have hit an almost 50-year low, and the country has successfully bounced back from the financial crisis of the early aughts. However, viewed through the lens of the United States’ prolonged housing crisis, a wholly different picture emerges. This alternate reality is one in which the security of homeownership is elusive for many, not despite the return to prosperity, but perhaps in part because of it.

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