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How investment houses are creating digital IDs to ensure compliance and prevent fraud

Compliance measures ensuring you know the true identity of your customers and that they are not laundering ill-gotten gains requires a lot of documentation and creates a huge amount of friction and inefficiency, racking up costs at some firm as high as 18 percent of revenue. Today, though, new technologies are giving finance and investment firms the capability to put stronger compliance measures in place for far less cost. How so? Matthew Unger, founder and CEO of iComply explains. (02/2021)

In Focus: Dan Richardson on data management challenges in the private markets: webinar recap

Dan Richardson, senior director at Mercatus, discusses the three major challenges for executives in regards to data management. (02/2021) In this video interview, Richardson shares key takeaways from the company's latest webinar, "Infrastructure Investor Data Challenges: See How You Compare," and Infrastructure Investor Data Management Survey 2021, both of which you can find at this link. This is part 1 of a series of 2. Look out for part 2 in the coming weeks.

Digital Infrastructure Update and Market Outlook (Jan 2021)

Data centers and cell towers served as essential assets supporting our digital transformation throughout 2020.  Brandon Hunt, Portfolio Manager at Strategic Capital Fund Management, shares his insights on market trends, tenants and what the future may hold for these dynamic real assets. (02/2021) Read Investing in cell towers: 5G is expected to take them to new heights by Jim Condon, president of SCFM, and download this free Digital Infrastructure Update Third Quarter 2020 report for these answers and more.

In Focus: David Scaysbrook on investment options in the energy transition

David Scaysbrook, managing partner and co-founder of Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, discusses surprising or overlooked areas of investment for institutional investors, key risks and opportunities arising from the energy transition and how investors can optimize their ESG and financial return objectives through the right manager strategy. (02/2021)

The hydrogen energy future and how to invest

The forever distant hydrogen economy is distant no more — it is now investable. But questions still swirl around this opportunity, such as: What advantages hydrogen offers vis-à-vis other renewables? How quickly will the hydrogen economy advance? Where does hydrogen fit into the energy matrix? Which organizations are at the forefront of research and investing? Joining the program are Janet Howard and Taleesha Thorogood of Fasken, a Canada-based law firm. (01/2021)

In Focus: Alex Leung on the private infrastructure sector moving into 2021

Alex Leung, infrastructure research analyst at UBS-Asset Management, discusses the role of the private sector in global infrastructure markets, how new government policies will incentivize private infrastructure spending and what the next wave of investments will look like in 2021. (01/2021) To read UBS' latest infrastructure outlook for 2021, click here.

Data centers move from real estate niche to center stage

It would be difficult to cite a real estate niche that has garnered more interest and performed better than data centers. But our guests, Casey Miller and Todd Kellenberger of Principal Real Estate Investors, argue that data centers have now moved from a niche real estate play to center stage in real estate portfolios. They join the program to make their case. (01/2021)
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