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Igneo Infrastructure Partners’ Michael Ryder and John Ma on unlisted infrastructure and the energy transition

In a joint interview, Michael Ryder and John Ma, partners and co-heads of North America at Igneo Infrastructure Partners, discuss the outlook for the unlisted infrastructure segment and current opportunities within the energy transition. (02/2024) The partners touch on: 00:20 — How the outlook for unlisted infrastructure compares with 2023 02:05 — Implications for unlisted infrastructure in the current environment 03:40 — Most attractive opportunities and greatest challenges 05:06 —Promising areas of the energy transition 07:12 — How Igneo’s portfolio…

Industry voices: What investors should understand about the infrastructure asset class

Janice Ince at Pantheon Ventures; Serkan Bahçeci at Arjun Infrastructure Partners; Jack Macfarlane at H.I.G. Capital; John Anderson at Manulife; and Christian Schmid at Slate Asset Management share how they define infrastructure and discuss what trends and growth in the asset class mean for investors. (01/2024) Video participants were interviewed at the VIP Infrastructure conference in June 2023.

Infrastructure outlook: Predictions for the road ahead in 2024

John Anderson at Manulife; Ed Lloyd at Foresight Group; Christian Schmid at Slate Asset Management; and Jack Macfarlane at H.I.G. Capital share their predictions for the infrastructure asset class throughout the next 12 months. (01/2024) Video participants were interviewed at the VIP Infrastructure conference in June 2023.

Cohen & Steers' Tyler Rosenlicht on changing the imperative from 'energy transition' to 'energy addition'

Tyler Rosenlicht, portfolio manager — global infrastructure at Cohen & Steers, shares why the notion of the "energy transition" may be misleading and discusses the benefits of including both traditional and alternative energy companies in a portfolio. (12/2023) Read more about why  an "energy addition" mindset is growing in popularity in the December issue of Institutional Investing in Infrastructure (i3), or click here.

With real estate projects on hold, onsite water reuse taking center stage

Aaron Tartakovsky, co-founder and CEO of Epic Cleantec, says only 2 percent of U.S. wastewater is recycled, and the built environment is the location where a high percentage of that waste is taking place. Meanwhile, real estate projects in locations including Phoenix and Tampa have been halted for lack of water. Enter the emerging era of onsite water recycling and reuse. What does it cost? What does it save? What are the continuing costs? And when does it pay for…

Africa Investors' Hubert Danso on private capital mobilization and objectives for COP28

Dr. Hubert Danso, CEO and chairman of Africa Investor, connects with Kali Persall, editor of Institutional Investing in Infrastructure (i3), to discuss  barriers to mobilizing private sector finance for climate and green growth in Africa, followed by green infrastructure objectives for COP28, which will take place Nov. 30 to Dec. 12 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (11/2023)
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