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The Infrastructure Company Classification Standard

A recent video produced by EDHECinfra discusses how current industrial classifications in private infrastructure are not adequate and how The Infrastructure Company Classification Standard (TICCS) solves that issue. (03/2020)

VIP Infrastructure: The World as Our Readers See It

In this year’s VIP Infrastructure pre-event webinar, titled “The World as Our Readers See It,” Geoffrey Dohrmann, President & CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., will share four key themes and insights from our global editorial board meetings. He will interview Chase McWhorter, Managing Director, Infrastructure, Institutional Real Estate, Inc., and discuss what these trends mean for the world of infrastructure. (03/2020)

In Focus: Matt Diserio on investing in water infrastructure

Matt Diserio, president and co-founder of Water Asset Management, discusses ways to invest in water infrastructure, risk-return opportunities for investors, and how climate change is impacting the nature of water investing. (03/2020)

In Focus: Glen Matsumoto on emerging markets

Glen Matsumoto, partner and head of infrastructure at Actis, discusses macro trends in emerging markets, the investment thesis behind growth market infrastructure opportunities, and ways investors can take advantage of such opportunities. (03/2020)

In Focus: Sam Bendix on data centers

Sam Bendix, managing director, investor relations at National Real Estate Advisors, discusses if technological obsolescence is a significant risk factor in data center investment and what are the current and future demand drivers for data centers. (03/2020)

Infrastructure Report: Digitizing the backbones of our economies

Ardian and Fabernovel have jointly released a report titled The Augmented Infrastructure that argues we need to consider a holistic approach to infrastructure during the 21st century, one that encompasses human, environmental and technological variables to establish them as an interconnected ecosystem. One of the report’s co-authors, Mathias Burghardt, head of infrastructure activity at Ardian, joins the program to elaborate on the report. (02/2020)

In Focus: Tor Syverud on hydropower

Tor Syverud, head investment management hydropower at Aquila Capital Hamburg, discusses why hydropower is an asset class with untapped potential, what is driving investor appetite in the sector, and what the future holds for the hydropower asset class. (02/2020)

In Focus: Melis Ogutcu on brownfield and greenfield trends

Part 1 of series Melis Ogutcu, head of research – North America at Inframation and Sparkspread, discusses why energy, power and renewables are driving greenfield and brownfield deal growth and reveals deals and trends to watch for in 2020.  (02/2020) This is part 1 in an interview series about brownfield and greenfield trends. Part 2 coming April 2020.

Infrastructure Report: Building an electric vehicle charging grid

What is the current state of EV-charging infrastructure? What cities are models for EV charging points? How can a good network of charging stations boost a city’s reputation? Who pays? Who invests? Dominic Taylor, an energy and transportation specialist with Arup, is our guest. (02/2020)
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