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Why federal spending plans will not fix U.S. infrastructure

There is something fundamentally flawed about the federal government’s involvement in infrastructure, and it distorts opportunities for efficient choices to be made by state and local governments. So says this program’s guest, Chris Edwards, the director of tax policy studies at the Cato Institute. He points to an array of problems with federal involvement in U.S. infrastructure, very little of which its actually owns. (07/2021)  

Solving inefficiencies in the fragmented transportation and logistics business

Transportation is a massive industry, but it’s riddled with inefficiencies that result in billions of dollars in lost revenue and productivity. Like many other industries, however, entrepreneurs and applied technologies are seeking to eradicate the gaps and disconnects and create a seamless logistical web of players and services. Two of the entrepreneurs on the case are Mustafa Azizi and Matt Tabatabai, co-founders of Zuum Transportation. Here is their story and the scope of the problem. (06/2021)

The great debate: Fossil fuels vs. renewables

Adam Rozencwajg, managing partner at Goehring & Rozencwajg Associates, warns we are making a terrible mistake in energy policies that promote a transition to renewables, and imminent harm is awaiting investors and policymakers who fail to acknowledge certain realities. David Sher, co-CEO of Greenbacker Capital, counters that fossil-fuel proponents use selective mathematics to diminish the value of renewables, but these oil and natural gas champions rarely consider the whole picture. Let the debate begin. (06/2021)

In Focus: Carolyn Arida on renewables and decarbonization trends

Carolyn Arida, director and head of utilities at Harrison Street, discusses current renewable and decarbonization trends in the market, risks that should be considered when evaluating renewables investments and new opportunities in the clean asset space. (06/2021)

The surging interest and demand for infrastructure debt

Investing interest prompted DWS to issue a new report about infrastructure debt that covers subjects including default and recovery rates, expected returns, the impact of COVID-19, the impact of ESG, and megatrends that are exerting influence on the sector. We welcome the report’s author to the program, Gianluca Minella, head of research for infrastructure debt at DWS. (06/2021)
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