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Infrastructure Report: Insights from the i3 roundtable

Megafunds, late-cycle investing, style drift and the U.S.-China trade war are among the topics on the mind of Chase McWhorter, managing director of Institutional Investing in Infrastructure, as well as the minds of the investors he recently met with in New York City. (05/2019)

Infrastructure Report: Crowdfunding platforms move into the space

Crowdfunding platforms have now set their sights on underwriting infrastructure projects, albeit modestly, having raised only about $600 million thus far, and the vast majority of that for the energy sector. Still, it is a new and growing effort that is being tracked by our guest, Kate Gasparro, a Ph.D. student at Stanford University. (04/2019)

Infrastructure Report: A privately funded high-speed passenger train in Texas

Come 2025, travelers will be traveling between Dallas and Houston at upwards of 200 mph on Japanese manufactured trains as part of a roughly $17 billion project being entirely underwritten by private investors. What is the cost structure for the organization and what is its revenue model? What will it cost passengers? What ridership level is required to make a profit? Will the system compete with air travel? And what is it expected to do for surrounding real estate development…

Infrastructure Report: How nuclear power can solve the climate crisis

How did countries such as Sweden and France de-carbonize their energy industries? How did private investors and industries benefit from their nuclearization programs? What do we have to learn from those experiences? What is the current state of nuclear energy in the United States? What about the new generation of more advanced nuclear reactors? Joshua Goldstein, nuclear energy opponent turned advocate, joins us to discuss the issues. (04/2019)

In Focus: Sarah Quinlan on the current economy

Sarah Quinlan, managing director at Carolantic Fund, discusses the uncertainty in the economy, how leaning into the volatility of the economy can positively raise the return of real estate, behavior changes that have happened in the population post-recession and more. (04/2019)

Infrastructure Report: The Los Angeles Renaissance

Los Angeles is hotly anticipating hosting the 2022 Super Bowl, the 2028 Summer Olympics and, potentially, the 2026 World Cup — and is in the midst of a $15 billion modernization of Los Angeles International Airport, and the construction of a $4 billion, 298-acre NFL stadium and real estate development project that L.A. Biz reports is the most expensive U.S. stadium ever built. What more, both the LAX and stadium projects are being financed by private investors. Our guest, Sean…

Infrastructure Report: Rocket billionaires and the new space race

Tim Fernholz — who covers space for Quartz and is the author of Rocket Billionaires: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and the New Space Race — joins the program to discuss infrastructure’s rapidly expanding new frontier. Join us for a discussion about the rise of private-sector space exploration, adventure capitalism and the continuing role of NASA. (03/2019)

Infrastructure Report: Driverless cars and the new transportation grid

Sam Schwartz was a New York City cab driver before eventually becoming New York City Traffic Commissioner and chief engineer of the city's Department of Transportation, before founding Sam Schwartz Transportation Consultants, a firm that specializes in transportation planning and engineering. His latest book is titled No One at the Wheel: Driverless Cars and the Road of the Future. He joins the program to talk about, among other things, the profound infrastructure changes required for the coming driverless car revolution.…
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