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Shop Talk: Applying blockchain technology to financial services

Why are people who understand blockchain so excited about its prospects? What are its potential applications for the financial services business? Jaron Lukasiewicz — cofounder and CEO of WRKFLOW, a startup that offers broker/dealers, insurance companies and other enterprises workflow software based on blockchain technology to help automate and secure their business processes — explains how blockchain works and how it can be applied to the investment industry’s most vexing regulatory requirements. (10/2017)

Infrastructure Report: Investing opportunities in India

With a trillion dollars of infrastructure needs pending in India, private investors have an opportunity to get involved with a country committed to rapidly modernizing its economy and challenging China for economic supremacy in Asia. Rahul Mody, managing director and head of infrastructure at Ambit Corporate Finance, joins us from Mumbai to discuss. (09/2017)

Inside the Edition: Investment opportunities in hydropower plants

Although wind and solar are today’s poster children for renewable energy, hydropower has been around much longer and boasts plants that have been operating reliably for more than 100 years, some of them with original equipment. What’s more, it can offer high rates of return, with most new hydropower being built today serving emerging markets with relatively high electricity prices and power demand growing in excess of 5 percent annually, 10 times the projected U.S. growth rate. Greg Morris, a…

In Focus: Jan Mende on U.S. LP sentiment on infrastructure

Jan Mende, senior vice president at Callan Associates, discusses U.S. LP sentiment on infrastructure such as the evolution of the asset class, what an infrastructure asset is and the importance of infrastructure and ESG. (08/2017)

The Dohrmann Report: August 2017

Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., discusses the hiring of a new managing director of Institutional Investing in Infrastructure magazine, as well as some updates about the Institute for Real Estate Operating Companies (iREOC), the invitation-only club whose members (investors, managers and real estate operating companies) are seeking to form operating partnerships. (08/2017)

Shop Talk: The promise of micro-grids

What is a micro-grid and how does it work? What do micro-grids promise to do for commercial and residential energy systems? Are micro-grids a threat to power utilities? What are the opportunities for private investors? How will micro-grids be different in five or 10 years? Scott Kessler, an executive with LO3 Energy, illuminates. (08/2017)

Shop Talk: The current status and future of U.S. water quality

Did you know that U.S. water consumption peaked in 1971 and has been declining for decades? Or that water purity used to be measured in parts-per-million and is now measured in parts-per-trillion? Don’t let the unsavory scent or discoloration fool you, our water quality is better than ever. So says, Chris Franklin, CEO of water utility Aqua America. He joins us to discuss that state of water quality and its future. (09/2017)
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