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In Focus: Yousef Salama on building a culture of P3s in the United States

Yousef Salama, associate director of public-private partnerships (P3s) at Turner & Townsend, discusses why it is now more important than ever for public sector owners and private sector contractors to assemble integrated advisory teams that specialize in multiple areas of expertise. This recaps a special report with i3, titled Building a culture of P3s in the United States, which was authored by Salama in November 2020. You can read that here. (03/2021)

In Focus: Steve Bickerton on the energy transition in Asia

Steve Bickerton, senior managing director at Prostar Capital, discusses misconceptions about traditional energy assets, how different regions in Asia are approaching the energy transition and the role of government in this evolution. (03/2021)

How investment houses are creating digital IDs to ensure compliance and prevent fraud

Compliance measures ensuring you know the true identity of your customers and that they are not laundering ill-gotten gains requires a lot of documentation and creates a huge amount of friction and inefficiency, racking up costs at some firm as high as 18 percent of revenue. Today, though, new technologies are giving finance and investment firms the capability to put stronger compliance measures in place for far less cost. How so? Matthew Unger, founder and CEO of iComply explains. (02/2021)

In Focus: Dan Richardson on data management challenges in the private markets: webinar recap

Dan Richardson, senior director at Mercatus, discusses the three major challenges for executives in regards to data management. (02/2021) In this video interview, Richardson shares key takeaways from the company's latest webinar, "Infrastructure Investor Data Challenges: See How You Compare," and Infrastructure Investor Data Management Survey 2021, both of which you can find at this link. This is part 1 of a series of 2. Look out for part 2 in the coming weeks.
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