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Infrastructure Report: The urgent need for investment in Western U.S. water systems

Our guests, Christine Arbogast and Patrick O’Toole, recently wrote an opinion piece in the Reno Gazette Journal arguing it is time to invest in Western water infrastructure. Arbogast is president of the National Water Resources Association, and Patrick O’Toole is a cattle and sheep rancher from Wyoming and president of the Family Farm Alliance. What is the nature and scale of the western water infrastructure problem? What is the potential crisis in the event of inaction? Short of Congress acting…

Infrastructure Report: Digital assets today and into the future

What encompasses digital infrastructure assets? Why are they hot among investors? Who’s investing in them? And what does the future hold regarding their power and reach? Our guest, Brandon Hunt, portfolio manager at Strategic Capital Fund Management, tackles this wide-ranging subject. (07/2020)

In Focus: Hubert Danso on the AUDA-CBN 5% Infrastructure Investment Agenda

Hubert Danso, chairman of Africa Investor and the AUDA-Continental Business Network, discusses how the 5% Infrastructure Investment Agenda is addressing the infrastructure gap in Africa, and shares why it is an attractive platform for investors looking to increase their exposure in the region. (07/2020)
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