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Report from Europe: Three prime factors of logistical success

A new report from Savills Investment Management concludes that technology, urbanization and globalization will determine the winners in Europe’s logistics sector. We are joined by Irfan Younus, the organization’s head of European research, to discuss the report’s findings. (02/2018)

In Focus: Ben Cook on U.S. exports

Ben Cook, portfolio manager at BP Capital Fund Advisors, discusses the recent events that have led to the opportunity for U.S. producers to increasingly serve the global market, the events creating the growing export market opportunities for the U.S. energy industry, recent trends in export volume growth, and more. (02/2018)

Infrastructure Report: Government regulation, espionage and infrastructure investing

The U.K. government has published proposals to strengthen its powers to review — and potentially block or unwind — infrastructure investments on national security grounds. What should investors and investment managers know about this process and how to manage it going forward? To explore the topic, our guest is Jenine Hulsmann, a partner at Clifford Chance, where she specializes in competition law and regulation, with a particular focus on energy and infrastructure sectors. (01/2018)

In Focus: Jared Waldron on transportation and renewable power

Jared Waldron, managing director, infrastructure at Northleaf Capital Partners, discusses the characteristics of the transportation and renewable power sub-sectors and why they offer attractive risk-adjusted returns for institutional investors. (01/2018)

Infrastructure Report: How the Trump plan treats private investors

The outline of an infrastructure plan has been drafted by the Trump administration, one year into his term. The six-page outline is thin on details, but news reports have indicated the administration will seek to offer $200 billion in grants over 10 years to leverage investment from state, local, and private sources, hoping to spur about $1 trillion total in spending. We are joined by Jim Ryan of Provasi Capital Partners to discuss the U.S. infrastructure outlook. (01/2018)

5 Questions with Steven Cornet

Steven Cornet, head of U.S. Research & Strategy at BlackRock Real Assets, speaks with Jonathan Schein, SVP and managing director of global business development at Institutional Real Estate, Inc., about the recently added real assets platform, global investments and changing expectations in the asset class, what specific markets and property types to invest in currently, what BlackRock is encouraging investors to do in the current market environment and more. (12/2017)

Shop Talk: Applying blockchain technology to financial services

Why are people who understand blockchain so excited about its prospects? What are its potential applications for the financial services business? Jaron Lukasiewicz — cofounder and CEO of WRKFLOW, a startup that offers broker/dealers, insurance companies and other enterprises workflow software based on blockchain technology to help automate and secure their business processes — explains how blockchain works and how it can be applied to the investment industry’s most vexing regulatory requirements. (10/2017)

Infrastructure Report: Investing opportunities in India

With a trillion dollars of infrastructure needs pending in India, private investors have an opportunity to get involved with a country committed to rapidly modernizing its economy and challenging China for economic supremacy in Asia. Rahul Mody, managing director and head of infrastructure at Ambit Corporate Finance, joins us from Mumbai to discuss. (09/2017)
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