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MSCI's Will Robson on private infrastructure’s role in a multi-asset-class portfolio

Will Robson, at MSCI, discusses some of the key points from a recent blog, Assessing Private Infrastructure in a Multi-Asset-Class Portfolio, such as misconceptions surrounding private infrastructure assets and how having the right data can help investors understand return characteristics and allocate capital. (10/2021) To read the blog, click here.  

In Focus: Chase McWhorter on key themes and perspectives on real estate and infrastructure

Chase McWhorter, managing director of Institutional Real Estate, Americas and former managing director of Institutional Investing in Infrastructure (i3), discusses key themes emerging from in IREI’s virtual roundtables, such as how industry participants are managing risk around the pandemic, ESG considerations and how the investment community is taking a more holistic view of real assets. (09/2021)

In Focus: Drew Campbell on topics, trends and features in the September issue of i3

Drew Campbell, editor of Institutional Investing in Infrastructure (i3), discusses features in the September issue of i3, how these articles reflect broader market trends, and shares what readers can expect in i3's second special infra report, Innovation in Infrastructure Delivery, to be released in November. (09/2021) To download the September issue of i3, click here.

Investing in the shipping and the high seas

What are the investment opportunities in shipping? What are the historic returns? Why do the Greeks still rule the high seas? What is the current state of the shipping business? What is the average lifespan of a container ship, oil tanker or cruise liner? What countries are the biggest manufacturers? Many questions but also many answers from our guest, Matthew Freeman, chief commercial officer at VesselsValue. (09/2021)

Time for investors to embrace digital infrastructure

The increasing use of data continues to transform businesses and consumer behavior around the world, whether it is the rollout of 5G, the growth of ecommerce, our increased reliance on the cloud or the development of artificial intelligence across industries, our need for data is always increasing. Thomas Liu, partner with Actis, makes his case for why investors should seize the opportunity posed by digital infrastructure. (09/2021)

Author Spotlight: Nine areas to invest during this era of climate change

Food, water and transportation are among the nine key investment areas highlighted in the book New Climate: A Sustainable Approach to Investing & Living in a New Climate, authored by program guest Scott Schwartz. He has been an investment adviser and financial analyst for more than 25 years, in additional to being an airline pilot, sailor and world traveler. Those land, sea and air activities has provided Schwartz with what he has called a three-dimensional global perspective on the changing…

Marine power moves closer to deployment and scalability

Tidal power is almost nonexistent along U.S. coastlines, even though the oceans’ ability to generate electricity is tremendous and continuous. That might be about to change. New advances in the design and operation of marine energy systems are promising to generate clean 24/7 energy from the free-flowing currents of ocean tides and rivers. We discuss the emerging industry with Dean Corren, chief technology officer at Verdant Power. (08/2021)
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