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The level of interest among institutional and private investors in the infrastructure space

What infrastructure categories are showing the greatest need for private participation? Where do the greatest opportunities for returns appear to be? What has been the biggest disappointment in recent years? To answer those questions, we turn to Tommaso Albanese, head of infrastructure at UBS Asset Management. As a bonus, stick around until the end of the podcast for some recommendations on the best Italian restaurants in London and Liverpool. (10/2020)

Infrastructure Report: New Mexico smart-grid project turns to private investors

The State of New Mexico is launching a “smart infrastructure” and carbon-neutral energy plan as part of its 2019 Energy Transition Act — and here is one of the best parts of the plan: The state aims to fund the entire $20 billion project with private investment. The project is being pursued through a partnership between two companies, one named The Agile Fractal Grid, the other is named Cityzenith. Our guests are the chief executives from those companies, John Reynolds…
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