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In Focus: Hubert Danso on the AUDA-CBN 5% Infrastructure Investment Agenda

Hubert Danso, chairman of Africa Investor and the AUDA-Continental Business Network, discusses how the 5% Infrastructure Investment Agenda is addressing the infrastructure gap in Africa, and shares why it is an attractive platform for investors looking to increase their exposure in the region. (07/2020)

Measuring risk in private infrastructure debt

A recent video produced by EDHECinfra discusses why traditional methods of measuring infra default debt are biased and shares a model that can make more targeted, objective predictions. (05/2020)

In Focus: Steve Bickerton on the midstream infrastructure sector

Steve Bickerton, senior managing director and founder of Prostar Capital, discusses the defensive nature of storage terminals, how natural gas midstream assets are faring in the current market, and shares long-term demand projections for oil and gas, given the ongoing transition to renewable energy. (05/2020)

Infrastructure Report: The opportunities in telecommunications and 5G

Matt Sandoval, managing director of Barings Private Equity Real Assets joins the program to discuss his organization’s recent decision to close two transactions involving the sale of telecommunications infrastructure and ground assets. But the company is back on the hunt for a new collection of telecom infrastructure assets, as well as assets related to transportation, water and energy holdings related to climate change, among other categories. He explains the current landscape for infrastructure investing. (05/2020)

In Focus: Dylan Foo on communications infrastructure

Dylan Foo, senior partner and co-head of infrastructure at Apollo Global Management, discusses the opportunities and risks in communications infrastructure, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. (05/2020)

Infrastructure Report: Turning trash to energy using gasification plants

In St. Albert, Canada, Mayor Cathy Heron is launching a local infrastructure project called the sustainable neighborhoods program that employs waste-to-energy technology to empty local landfills and use the gas produced by garbage to create heat or electricity with basically zero emissions and a reusable ash byproduct. She joins us to explain the project and its economics. (05/2020)

Infrastructure Report: The prospects for a federal infrastructure stimulus bill

Both political parties and the White House are expressing support for a federal infrastructure stimulus bill, particularly in the current low interest rate environment. There is talk of issuing 50-year Treasury bonds, potentially under a “war bond” type offering. What might an infrastructure stimulus package look like? To what degree are private investors likely to have opportunities to participate? Mark Bell, head of family office services and private capital at Balentine, an Atlanta-based wealth management firm, has been following the…
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