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Four logistics investments to make now for 2023

Melinda McLaughlin, senior vice president, global head of research with Prologis, looks ahead to balance of 2023 and identifies four logistics investments that will pay dividends in this year. (01/2023)

Corsair Infrastructure's Paul Cozza on the outlook for global ports

Paul Cozza, managing director, portfolio operations at Corsair Infrastructure, discusses how global ports are faring amid supply chain disruptions, long-term impacts associated with global transportation challenges and the outlook for ports moving into 2023. (01/2023)

The expanding investment in green urban infrastructure

Dom Bonte, a vice president at ABI Research, joins the program to discuss a new report produced by his organization showing global public and private investment in green urban infrastructure are expected to increase from $606 billion in 2022 to $978 billion in 2030. Why the boom? What are the main types of green urban infrastructure? What are the benefits for cities? How are "digital twins" being used to plan, design, manage and maintain green infrastructure? We discuss. (01/2023)

10 tips for protecting your data while traveling

John Reinhardt, chief technology officer at Atria Wealth Solutions, says to prevent yourself from falling victim to corporate espionage requires taking certain measures before traveling, while traveling, and after returning home from your travels. During this episode he explains the principals and practices for keeping your data safe. (12/2022)

Igneo Infrastructure Partners' John Ma on logistics trends in infrastructure

John Ma, partner, head of North Americas investment team at Igneo Infrastructure Partners, discusses how emerging logistics trends are impacting infrastructure, how companies have changed their logistics management strategies due to the COVID-19 exposed challenges of global trade, what these trends mean for future opportunities, values and returns for seaports, airports and rail, and more. (11/2022)
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