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In Focus: Gregory Smith on mid-market infrastructure

Gregory Smith, president and CEO of InstarAGF Asset Management, discusses trends in mid-market infrastructure in North America, the future of infrastructure over the next five to 10 years, the importance of community support in the infrastructure market and more. (07/2017)

Shop Talk: Investing in water technologies and infrastructure

Hubert Aarts, co-portfolio manager for Impax Asset Management, a firm whose water investment strategy includes positions in about 250 companies with a combined market capitalization of more than $800 billion, comes on the program to discuss his perspectives on how investors can capitalize on the precious natural resource. (06/2017)

Inside the Edition: America's deteriorating water infrastructure

The development of properly updated infrastructure to both deliver and store clean water is a basic — and now critical — need that has been neglected for the past 40 years. So writes Burl East, CEO of American Assets Capital Advisers, in the June edition of Real Assets Adviser, an i3 sister publication. He joins us to discuss the dimensions of the problem and why it exists. (06/2017)

Author Spotlight: The "well-tempered" cities of the future

What current city is most emblematic of the future of urban life? What do cities from past civilizations have to teach us about the cities of today and tomorrow? What is the next great shift urban planning and what is driving that change? Urban planner and developer Jonathan Rose, author of The Well-Tempered City, joins us to answer those and other questions. (09/2016)

In Focus: Glen Dogan on Australian infrastructure

Glen Dogan, head of sales and relationship management at Perpetual Investment Management, discusses why institutional investors are investing in Australian infrastructure based on a recent Perpetual report. (08/2016)

In Focus: Ross Israel on technology in infrastructure

Ross Israel, head of global infrastructure at QIC Limited, discusses technology and the effects it will have on the future of the infrastructure market. For more information on this topic click here. (07/2016)

In Focus: Brent Burnett on private investments

Brent Burnett, managing director at Real Asset Portfolio Management, discusses private investments in public energy infrastructure companies as it speaks to the disconnect today in energy infrastructure asset valuations. (07/2016)
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