Danish Energy Agency awards CCS contracts
Investors - APRIL 26, 2024

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Danish Energy Agency awards CCS contracts

by Kali Persall

The Danish Energy Agency has awarded contracts to three companies for new carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects, following the completion of the fund for negative carbon dioxide emissions (NECCS fund).

All three projects are expected to develop and mature the CCS value chain in Denmark and will together ensure the capture and storage of 160,350 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually from 2026 to 2032.

The bids, which came from the three companies, have relatively different support levels, according to the Danish Energy Agency, and the projects will capture and store very different amounts of carbon dioxide.

Upon completing the NECCS fund, the agency has entered into a contract with BioCirc CO2 and Bioman for the capture and storage of carbon dioxide, and also has awarded a contract to Carbon Capture Scotland. However, this final contract signature is expected to take place in the next week.

The NECCS fund was established as part of the Danish Financia

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