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5 Questions: Grocery-anchored retail proves immune

by David Dunn

The grocery business is as old as retailing itself, yet it is undergoing landmark innovation as technology opens new channels for meeting the needs of shoppers. This has become especially significant and accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic. While real estate investors have become skittish about the fast-changing and hyper-competitive retail sector, grocery-anchored retail in particular has, by and large, been rock solid in its performance. One of the executives most involved in the property type has been David Dunn, CEO of Slate Grocery REIT, an owner and operator of grocery-anchored real estate.

From the Current Issue

Urban agriculture gains momentum

by Dan Martin

Growing food indoors — in or near urban markets — is an expanding market that is likely to grow through the years ahead. It has already influenced commercial real estate, intrigues many economic development professionals, is sustainable and can create local food security threatened by climate change. For commercial real estate it has been a successful reuse of closed big-box stores and possibly malls, too. In addition, acres of metro industrial and brownfield sites have been developed into well over 1 million square feet of indoor growing space. This construction is no longer a mystery, as large design/build firms have constructed hundreds of thousands of square feet of hydroponic cultivation facilities for commercial pot cultivation facilities as legality has spread.

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