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The road to growth: Brinker Capital was named after Brinker Road and, $23 billion AUM later, CEO Noreen Beaman is behind the wheel and negotiating its destination

by Mike Consol

“Off we went,” recalls Noreen Beaman about the start of Brinker Capital. “There were eight of us, a little over $100 million under management and 91 clients.” Thirty years later, Beaman is CEO, and Brinker Capital has $23 billion in assets under management, 165 staff members and more than 50,000 clients. Brinker Capital serves fee-based financial advisers, and that group is divided between insurance-based broker/dealer advisers and traditional independent financial advisers, as well as advisers in the RIA community. The bulk of Brinker Capital’s clientele is individuals and families. A little more than half of its $23 billion in assets under management has come to the company from the “mass affluent” space, which Beaman defines as clients with less than $1 million of investable assets, not counting the value of their home.

From the Current Issue

The 411 on 1031 exchanges

by Steve Bergsman

Real estate’s 1031-exchange industry is partying like its 1999 … well, 2004 maybe, when property markets pulsated in Princely fashion. Unlike yesteryear, the current boom appears to be good news for today’s investors, property brokers, purveyors of 1031 investment vehicles, the wider real estate market and, ultimately, the national economy. Today, the question is not so much where will the next 1031 exchange investors come from — because they are coming from everywhere — but what should the next investment be?

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