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Blockchain Comes to Real Estate: San Diego company uses the technology to launch trading platform that facilitates investments in illiquid real estate securities

by Loretta Clodfelter

Blockchain may be the hottest buzzword in finance right now. Also known as distributed ledger technology, it is the structure underlying crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether. But the technology has much wider applications in the world of finance. Because every new trade or sale (a “block”) is recorded throughout a network of computers (creating a “chain” of such blocks), it can authenticate and track transactions in real time.

From the Current Issue

Miami in the Age of Climate Change: City seeks to protect its status as real estate mecca by building one of the world’s most resilient coastal communities

by Julie Medley

Miami’s robust real estate market has proven to be a sound opportunity for conservative and aggressive investors alike. All indications point to continued growth in the coming decade, driven by above-average population growth and the insatiable demand for market-rate housing in the region. However, the shine of Miami’s real estate market is at risk of being tarnished by the impact of climate change and resulting sea-level rise. Past rhetoric on the subject has slanted toward sensationalism in order to grab headlines, but the content commonly excludes the important facts that an investor would need to effectively evaluate the risk and potential of Miami real estate. Exploring the groundswell of action on resilience and climate adaptation led by local governments and private-sector influencers is necessary if the real estate investment community wants to evolve beyond the inflammatory headlines and understand the opportunities a future with climate change will hold.

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