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Timing Is Opportune for Oil and Gas Investments: Same factors that motivate real estate investors can be found at the bottom of a fossil fuel well

by Philip Racusin

Real estate investors understand the necessity for investment diversification, which is why many of them are adding oil and gas to their portfolios. There also has never been a better time to invest, with many experts advising that buying opportunities for oil and gas today through 2018 are better than 2008 opportunities in the real estate market. With more than $1 trillion in large project cancelations, future demand for oil and gas consumption — which grows at a steady rate — is sure to be unmet, raising future prices.

From the Current Issue

Staking Out the Middle: Fairpointe Capital CEO Thyra Zerhusen and co-CEO Mary Pierson have proven how sweet mid-cap equities can be

by Mike Consol

During the early 1990s, a Panamanian pitching phenom broke into the big leagues in none other than New York Yankee pinstripes. The rap against the tall, lean right-hander was that he threw one — and only one — pitch called a “cut fastball,” or “cutter” for short. The baseball pundits sneered. Among them was Keith Olbermann, one of the premier sportscasters and commentators of the era. How, they mused, could anyone possibly build a successful Major League pitching career throwing just one pitch to the greatest batters in the world? Surely batters would decode the repetition of his delivery and turn him into a historical baseball footnote.

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