Market Navigator Series

Our Market Navigator Video workshop is the only comprehensive 8-chapter series on the institutional real estate industry. Led by IREI's CEO, Geoffrey Dohrmann, the series offers invaluable insights and knowledge making it a must for your corporate library.

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Market Navigator Series

IREI's Market Navigator Masterclass series is a time-tested program that will help accelerate your knowledge and understanding of the industry we all serve, while helping you develop a more accountable, more systematic, more manageable approach to raising capital and/or serving your existing clientele. It also will provide you with a framework for relationship building (the Professional Selling Skills segments) as well as advise you on how to do a better job in numerous areas, including delivering bad news and working more effectively with members of the consulting community. This series is taught by Geoffrey Dohrmann, president and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc. with the additional faculty, David "Mac" McWhorter, the Executive Director of our Institute for Real Estate Operating Companies, Heather Border, co-founder & managing partner of Alliance Global Capital and Jennifer Stevens, co-founder & managing partner of Alliance Global Capital.

This series is broken down into 8 videos that you may watch at your convenience anywhere you have an Internet connection.  Lastly, your purchase gives you unlimited plays of these videos, so you may go back and review chapters anytime.

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