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Tune in regularly to hear industry executives and thought leaders share their market perspectives and insights. In addition, keep abreast of industry trends and issues by listening to The Dohrmann Report, a monthly podcast with IREI president and CEO Geoffrey Dohrmann.

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Shop Talk: North American real estate forecast 2018

Indy Karlekar, head of global research at Principal Real Estate Investors, and Doug Poutasse, executive vice president and head of strategy and research at Bentall Kennedy, offer their prognostications on how the real estate sector will perform in 2018 and beyond, as well as where the best opportunities are likely to be found. (01/2018)

Shop Talk: A 2018 real estate forecast

More than 100 months into the second-longest economic recovery in U.S. history, we assess how the real estate sector will perform during the new year. Our guests, Melissa Reagen of TH Real Estate and Robert Bellinger of ASB Real Estate Investments, offer their best prognostications for the industry’s prospects for the near term. (01/2018)

Inside the Edition: CRE breaking on through to 2018

As we look ahead to 2018, where are the opportunities and where are the challenges? Loretta Clodfelter, editor of Institutional Real Estate Americas, joins us to discuss the feature story she authored on the subject. (01/2018)

The Dohrmann Report: December 2017

In his final podcast of 2017, Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., discusses the historic tax cut and reform bill enacted by the Trump administration, as well as the prospects for the federal government and private investment interest getting a major infrastructure program approved and benefitting institutional and high-net-worth individuals and families. (12/2017)

Shop Talk: The future and economics of parking properties

What is the future of parking structures? What about their economics and investment opportunities? What are some of the new technologies being brought to the process? Are autonomous vehicles a threat to the economic future of parking? And should we be parking our cars front-end first or tailpipe first? Dan Huberty, president of MVP REIT, also known as TheParkingREIT, is our guest. (12/2017)

Inside the Edition: Trends in warehouse and single-family housing rentals

New tech and retail trends are transforming industrial real estate, as online retailers focus on the "last mile" for same-day deliveries to customers. Also, single-family housing rentals continue, by some, to be regarded as an emerging asset class, and we look at single-family rental activity for 2016 and 2017. Loretta Clodfelter, editor of Institutional Real Estate Americas, joins us to highlight. (12/2017)

Shop Talk: The investment opportunities in cannabis

“The valuations in the cannabis space are simply the best I have ever seen,” says former BlackRock executive Chris Leavy, who came out of an early retirement to take an executive position with MedMen, a marijuana investment house and retailer. With 64 percent of U.S. citizens favoring full legalization, and 94 percent favoring legalization of pot for medical use, the future of marijuana investing is burning brightly. Leavy joins the program to elaborate. (12/2017)

Shop Talk: The changing dynamics of global capital flows to U.S. real estate investments

What Middle East country was the number one investor in U.S. real estate for 2017? (The answer will surprise you.) What property type has supplanted office as the most popular among foreign investors? What changes are afoot in Japan that could change the size of its role? What are the chances that FIRPTA regulations could be rewritten or repealed to unleash even more foreign dollars? CBRE Group executive Chris Ludeman is our guest. (12/2017)

Shop Talk: Millennials make their move on the housing market

Zillow reports that millennials — those ages 18-34 — now account for 42 percent of today’s home buyers, which is more than other generations. Why is the housing market suddenly seeing an influx of millennial buyers? How do they differ from generations of previous homebuyers? Gregg Gerken, an executive with TD Bank, joins us to discuss this trends statistical and anecdotal features. (11/2017)

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