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Shop Talk: Investing in water technologies and infrastructure

Hubert Aarts, co-portfolio manager for Impax Asset Management, a firm whose water investment strategy includes positions in about 250 companies with a combined market capitalization of more than $800 billion, comes on the program to discuss his perspectives on how investors can capitalize on the precious natural resource. (06/2017)

Shop Talk: A record year for student housing investments

2016 was the biggest year ever for commitments to student housing, with more than $10 billion pumped into the property sector. Why is student housing so hot, and what type of due diligence is required? Michael Orsak, senior vice president of investments at Campus Advantage, one of the largest student housing owners and operators in the United States, joins us to elaborate. (06/2017)

Shop Talk: The ultra-luxury single-family housing market

What do you get in a single-family home priced at $20 million to $60 million? How about all-organic building materials, a LEED Platinum rating, lighting systems sensitive to human circadian rhythms, and a bullet- and blast-proof “safe floor”? (No, not a safe room, a safe floor.) And what kinds of new technologies and features are on the horizon? Paul Rabinovitch, an executive with Troon Pacific, a builder of ultra-luxury spec homes, joins us to discuss this niche segment. (06/2017)

Author Spotlight: The historic challenge facing agricultural investors

Imagine having to harvest more food in the next 40 years than humanity has harvested during the previous 10,000 years. That is  the situation outlined by author Joel Bourne in his book “The End of Plenty.” With an expanding world population, tightening grain supplies, and the prospect of climate change rendering half of global farmland useless by the end of the century, the situation for farmers and investors is urgent. Mr. Bourne outlines the situation. (06/2017)

Shop Talk: Puerto Rico's tax incentives for investors and business

Francisco Luis, a CPA and tax partner with Grant Thornton in the firm's San Juan, Puerto Rico office, joins us to discuss Puerto Rico’s tax incentive Acts 20 and 22. The tax incentive laws, enacted three years ago, are designed to lure wealthy American investors to invest in the United States' so-called 51st state to help revive the island’s economy. (06/2017)

Inside the Edition: Climate change and the risk to real estate portfolios

What U.S. city is at greatest risk to climate change? What city has the lowest risk? Jeff Kanne, CEO of National Real Estate Advisors, discusses a new risk tool the company developed to assess the local and regional threats posed by climate change. Kanne tells us how it was built, what it found and which markets his company is now looking to avoid to protect its real estate portfolio from climatic change and property devaluation. (05/2017)

The Dohrmann Report: May 2017

Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate Inc., talks about Blackstone Group's herculean fundraising year in 2016, as well as the risk climate change is posing for commercial real estate in coastal U.S. cities. (04/2017)

5 Questions with Amy Price

Amy Price, president and co-CIO at Bentall Kennedy, speaks with Jonathan Schein, SVP and managing director of global business development at Institutional Real Estate, Inc., about demographic trends, ideal long-term investment locations, the commercial real estate sector, impending economic factors and much more. (04/2017)

In Focus: Ethan Penner on risk

Ethan Penner, managing partner at Mosaic Real Estate Investors, discusses the common misunderstandings related to risk. (04/2017)

Inside the Edition: Tax reform — the real estate story of the year

With a new presidential administration in the White House, the question is what lies ahead for real estate developers and investors with regard to taxes and regulation. Loretta Clodfelter, editor of Institutional Real Estate Americas, discusses a new feature story on the topic and why she believes tax reform will be the real estate story of the year. (04/2017)

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