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Tune in regularly to hear industry executives and thought leaders share their market perspectives and insights. In addition, keep abreast of industry trends and issues by listening to The Dohrmann Report, a monthly podcast with IREI president and CEO Geoffrey Dohrmann.

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Shop Talk: The future of investment product development

What is the biggest weakness in the current approach by sponsors to product development? What are the ramifications of those weaknesses? How will new regulations affect product development? With institutional players such as Blackstone, Brookfield and TH Real Estate moving into the private wealth space, how will they change product development for individual investors and family offices? Joining us to discuss those issues is Steve Kantor, CEO of S2K Financial, a New York City-based alternative investment firm. (11/2017)

The Dohrmann Report: November 2017

Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate, Inc., has returned from a whirlwind event tour and he offers an overview of the goings-on at Springboard (San Diego), PREA (Chicago), ADISA (Las Vegas), ANREV (Singapore), a board of trustees meeting for the Bailard REIT (San Francisco), the editorial advisory board meeting for the company’s Asia-Pacific magazine (Kyoto, Japan), as well as the Institute for Real Estate Operating Companies first inaugural board meeting (Chicago). Still to come after the Thanksgiving…

In Focus: Tony Charles on Asia

Tony Charles, global head of research and strategy for real assets at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, discusses Asia's growth, interest rates, market cycle, what markets investors should be looking into and more. (11/2017)

Shop Talk: Debt investing in non-performing real estate

What are the various roles debt is playing in the current real estate market? How does an investor use debt to increase real estate values and produce income? What are the keys to successfully flipping a real estate asset? And are debt investing opportunities good during booms and busts? Andres Sandate, managing director of Cygnus Capital Real Estate Advisors, joins the program to discuss. (11/2017)

Inside the Edition: The languishing suburbs are coming back into favor

People, especially millennials, wanted to live and work in downtowns, and the real estate industry responded. But the pendulum appears poised to swing back in the suburbs direction. Loretta Clodfelter, the story’s author and editor of Institutional Real Estate Americas, joins us to discuss that trend, as well as the latest on multifamily housing and the magazine’s recent Editorial Advisory Board meeting in Cape Code. (11/2017)

Shop Talk: A new real estate platform for accredited investors and advisers

KBS Realty Advisors, one of the industry’s largest owners of office space, has debuted an online real estate platform named for accredited investors and advisers to directly invest in the KBS Growth & Income REIT, a portfolio of institutional-grade commercial real estate properties — the first of what promises to be several real estate products added to the platform over time. Chuck Schreiber, CEO of KBS, joins us to explain the new venture. (11/2017)

Shop Talk: Opportunities in corporate housing

What constitutes or qualifies as corporate housing? What purpose does it serve? What types of investors are attracted to corporate housing investment opportunities, and how do those deals come together? And how has corporate housing performed historically in terms of occupancy, rental rate trends and yield? To discuss, Terry Strongin, a managing member of Equity 24, LLC, joins us. (10/2017)

Report from Europe: Hotel investing is moving into the mainstream

Hotels are doing well the world over, and they are an increasingly popular destination for institutional investors who are attracted to their continuing growth, constrained supply and stable income from a mix of business and leisure activity. It also helps that hotels are generally located in and around the same major cities investors already favor. So writes Institutional Real Estate Europe editor Richard Fleming, who joins us to talk about investors’ new affection for the hotel sector. (10/2017)

Report from Asia: Measuring the liquidity of central business districts

What are the most liquid real estate markets in the world? How is liquidity most effectively measured? And what is the utility of having an index that ranks real estate markets by the liquidity? Andrew Ballantyne, head of research in Australia for Jones Lang LaSalle, is our guest. (10/2017)

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