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Report from Europe: The U.K. housing sector comes alive

Why is the residential real estate sector suddenly gaining traction among investors? Why is the U.K. seen as the "next big thing" in residential? How big could the market become? Marek Handzel, editor of Institutional Real Estate Europe, elaborates on those questions, as well as the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. (05/2018)

Shop Talk: Will cryptocurrencies become a trillion-dollar asset class?

Are cryptocurrencies a passing fad or destined to become yet another major asset class for investors? What are security token offerings, or STOs, and why are they creating excitement? Why are financial players such as Goldman Sachs getting involved? Fresh from her speaking engagement at the Crypto Invest Summit, Dara Albright, founder of Dara Albright Media and FinTech Revolution TV, joins the program to discuss the temperature and insights from the conference. (05/2018)

Inside the Edition: Building real estate for wellness

Investors are developing properties to keep tenants healthy — and happy. Loretta Clodfelter, editor of Institutional Real Estate Americas, highlights the topic, featured in the May 2018 edition, as well as what investors had to say at a recent investor conference regarding their biggest concerns. (05/2018)

Shop Talk: The state of venture capital investing

What types of companies and technologies are drawing the most VC funding these days? What timeframe are VCs targeting for a liquidity event? Have investments in VC funds risen or fallen in recent years? Are VCs taking bigger or smaller risks these days? And what kind of returns can investors expect from their VC commitments? Kirsten Morin, co-head of global venture capital at Aberdeen, offers enlightenment on those questions. (05/2018)

Shop Talk: Investing in intellectual property as a real asset

What is the rationale for treating intellectual property ownership of music or pharmaceuticals as “real asset” investing? What are the four characteristics of a real asset? How do various types of IP produce cash flow? And what about the difficulty of protecting one’s intellectual property from misuse? Our guest, Jon Rotolo, head of private equity and real assets at Barings, joins us to explain. (04/2018)

Report from Europe: The messy political situation in Italy, and its economic impact

What is the current political situation in Italy? Has a new regime taken form yet? Is the new leadership considered friendly or hostile to membership in the euro zone? And how are current circumstances affecting Italy’s property markets and economy at large? Our guest, Vanessa Muscara, associate director of property research at M&G Real Estate, joins us by phone from London to illuminate. (04/2018)

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