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The era of big data and the stories it is trying to tell us

Filip Dousek — founder of the AI and data analytics company, recently acquired by Workday — built his startup on the notion that data is only as good as the stories it tells, so that companies can take suitable, information-based actions. He joins the program to discuss the “data lake,” the “data swamp,” data storytelling, and where AI will take humanity in the years to come. (07/2022)

RENU Communities' Chris Gray on sustainable retrofits

Chris Gray, Ph.D, P.E., chief technology officer at RENU Communities — a subsidiary of Taurus Investment Holdings — discusses how sustainable retrofits can help ease the burden of U.S. housing costs, why investors should focus on retrofits and how sustainable retrofits can help the U.S. meet its carbon-emission goals. (07/2022)

Report from Asia: Mature and developing industrial markets on the continent

Dennis Yeo, head of investor services and logistics and industrial for the Asia Pacific region at Cushman & Wakefield, offers an update on how industrial and logistical real estate are performing across Asia, and what forces are accelerating the development of the property types in emerging APAC markets. (07/2022)

IREI : LIVE – The future of office investing

In the IREI:LIVE – The future of office investing webinar, our group of expert speakers provide a wide range of perspectives from investor, consultant and investment manager viewpoints, while examining the current and future state of office investing. (06/2022) Discussion topics will include: Is now the right time to sell, double down or reposition office space? What are national, regional and gateway city return-to-office trends? Subtopic areas include downtown vs. suburban, class A vs. class B, and tenant-leasing trends across…

The rapidly growing industrial outdoor space sector

Daniel Laub and Ben Atkins, co-founders of Zenith IOS, recently partnered with J.P. Morgan Global Alternatives to launch new $700 million joint venture targeting industrial outdoor space at urban infill locations in major cities. More broadly, Laub and Atkins speak about the industrial outdoor space in general and why it’s rapidly expanding. (06/2022)

Report from Europe: Investors displaying increased preference for value-added

Repricing opportunities are dangling a metaphorical carrot that institutional capital is finding hard to resist, according to Marek Handzel, editor of Institutional Real Estate Europe. He tackles the subject in the July/August edition of the magazine, and offers his insights during this episode. (06/2022)

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