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IREI.Q is a powerful, user-friendly database loaded with detailed data and information on institutional investors, general and real estate consultants, placement agents, investment managers and their investment programs, and real estate operating companies.

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With a simplified, easy to use, uncluttered and highly intuitive user interface, IREI.Q makes it easy for users  to quickly gain access to the kinds of data they really need and want. There’s no  need to have to wade through multiple layers of confusing menus or sift through tons of data they really don’t need, don’t want, and seldom if ever will use.

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Operational since 1996, IREI.Q is the longest running database covering the institutional real estate investment management markets, backed by Institutional Real Estate, inc.’s more than 33 years of experience in researching and reporting on this industry.

With more than 4,900 global real estate funds in the database —over 1,000 of which are actively in the market seeking to raise a combined total of more than $400 billion — IREI.Q database can provide investors and placement agents access to the mission critical information required to help them quickly and efficiently locate potential investment managers, investment offerings or operating partners.

The database also can help investment managers research potential investors, consultants and placement agents, as well as help them better understand their competitors and the nature of  currently marketing and historical competitive offerings.

In addition, the database can help real estate operators quickly identify potential capital partners for their one off and/or programmatic joint ventures.

With the press of a button, data can be downloaded directly into excel spreadsheets for further analysis and manipulation.

In addition, customizable daily or weekly email alerts can inform users whenever new updates have been made to the database. For more information on IREI.Q database, fill out our contact us form. A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.  

Here’s what’s included in IREI.Q database:

  • Investor Data: Provides detailed information on investment institutions including contact information for key investment decision makers and staffers, real estate assets under management, target real estate allocation percentages, historical and current data on investment commitments to fund offerings and separate accounts, with data dating back to 1990.  Also provides indications of whether or not the investor will engage in structuring joint ventures directly or indirectly with real estate operating companies. Types of institutional investors covered include corporate and public pension funds, endowments, foundations, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, and single-family offices. 
  • General and Real Estate Consultant Data:  Provides detailed information on consulting firms, including contact information for key executives and consultants, investment specialties and expertise, and lists of current consulting relationships.
  • Investment manager Data: Provides detailed information on real estate investment managers around the globe, including contact information for key executives, investment strategy, investment style, as well as current and historical open-end and closed-end fund investment offerings, and investor commitments to those offerings.

  • Placement agent Data:  Provides detailed information on placement agents, including contact information for key executives, as well as listings of current and past placement assignments. 
  • Real Estate Operating Company Data:  Contains contact information for key executives of real estate operating companies

  • InvestmentProgram Data:  Provides information on currently marketing and historical open-end, closed-end fund offerings and separate account offerings, with detailed information on offering terms, including minimum and maximum investment amounts, targeted minimum and maximum fund raising limits, investment strategy (investment style, geographic focus, property type focus, leverage utilization and related data), plus fee structure-related data.  Also provides indications of whether or not each investment offering will invest in joint ventures with operating companies. 

  • Investment Manager Search Data: Provides information on current and historical searches for new investment manager mandates, including search parameters and, for historical searches, commitments to new investment managers or fund offerings.
  • Commitments: Provides information on commitments by institutional investors to specific investment offerings.
  • Customizable currency conversion: Select a preferred currency to convert all amounts via currency exchange rates that automatically update on a weekly basis.
  • Customizable "follow" feature: Follow an investor, investment manager, fund and more! When changes are made to any of these records, you immediately will be alerted via email.
  • League Tables:  Lists of top real estate investors and top real estate investment managers, sorted by real estate assets under management, updated annually.

IREI.Q Subscription
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