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Focus on Alternatives: Bill Shopoff on investing in land

Bill Shopoff, president and chief executive officer of Shopoff Realty Investments, provides an overview of land investing, including what types of investment vehicles may be used, how value can be created, risks involved, and more. (07/2017)

Shop Talk: The big data revolution in real estate

The escalation and application of computing power to real estate portfolios and their performance is promising a supercharged new era better decision making and high-speed transactions. Think in terms of daily — or even hourly — updates on net asset value of private equity real estate properties and portfolios. Think also in terms of institutional-grade real estate accessible to high-net-worth individuals, and even 401(k) plans. We get up to speed on things with Bob Courteau, CEO of Altus Group. (07/2017)

Shop Talk: Goodbye to globalization, hello to a tri-polar economic order

Globalization’s ship has sailed and the party is over. Emerging in its place is a new tri-polar economic order composed of major trading blocks in the Americas, Asia and Europe. So says Jay Pelosky of Pelosky Global Strategies. He joins us to discuss why globalization is waning, regionalism waxing, and what the consequences will be. (07/2017)

The Dohrmann Report: July 2017

Geoffrey Dohrmann, founder and CEO of Institutional Real Estate Inc. and Real Assets Adviser magazine, discusses the current marketing freeze in the institutional and private wealth markets, as organizations grapple with pending federal regulations and uncertainty about the staying power of the economic recovery. He reviews the miscalculations firms often make in these situations, as well as the principles behind successful branding campaigns. (07/2017)

Focus on Alternatives: Richard Gann on share classes

Richard Gann, chief products officer at Steadfast Capital Markets Group, discusses the different share class structures in non-traded alternative investments, including the basics of A, T, and R/I shares, differences in pricing and distribution yields, fee structures and more. (07/2017)

Shop Talk: Using the 1031 exchange for oil, gas and mineral rights

The United States is the only country in the world that allows private citizens to own mineral rights, and this can be a boon for investors. While the 1031 exchange is well known by most investors and advisers, far fewer are familiar with the prospects of using that tax code provision to buy a stake in the natural resources marketplace. We are joined by Angus Baker, an executive with Montego Minerals, to explain how it works. (07/2017)

Shop Talk: Investing in water technologies and infrastructure

Hubert Aarts, co-portfolio manager for Impax Asset Management, a firm whose water investment strategy includes positions in about 250 companies with a combined market capitalization of more than $800 billion, comes on the program to discuss his perspectives on how investors can capitalize on the precious natural resource. (06/2017)
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