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In Focus: Tyler Grant on the REIT market

Tyler Grant, vice president, equity analyst at AEW Capital Management, discusses what comprises a publicly-traded REIT, why investors are interested in investing and the performance historically when compared to traditional real estate investments. (11/2019)

Shop Talk: Timberland investing for the 21st century

If you think you know the forest from the trees, think again. The forest, as explained to us by guest Bettina von Hagen, is rich with the wonders of nature, investment opportunities, climate change mitigation and environmental remediation. Why do investors need a differentiated approach to traditional timber investing? What is climate-smart forestry and why should investors consider it as a real asset investing option? How does climate-smart forestry foster innovation to create value for investors? What kind of hold…

Shop Talk: Opportunity zone projects anchored by sports stadiums

If you enjoy sports, particularly professional soccer, and you are interested in opportunity zones, we invite you to listen to this program with guest Brett Johnson, co-founder and partner of Fortuitous Partners, and co-chairman of the Phoenix Rising Football Club. He has embarked on a series of opportunity zone projects in cities such as Baltimore, Phoenix, and Pawtucket, R.I., for opportunity zone developments that are mixed-used projects anchored by sports stadiums that also encompass housing, retail, office and hotel. Brett…

Shop Talk: The driving force behind adviser interest in private real estate

How are advisers gaining exposure to private real estate? What is the typical minimum investment and hold time? How has tax policy affected private real estate investments? What is the rationale for including core real estate in investor portfolios? And how is it successfully integrated into a client portfolio? Scott Spalding, head of high-net-worth private markets at CBRE Global Investors, recently wrote a report on the subject and joins the program with answers. (12/2019)

Inside the Edition: Michelle Mathieu, CIO of Fulcrum Capital

This is an edited version of a cover profile interview conducted by Real Assets Adviser editor Mike Consol with Michelle Mathieu, CIO of Fulcrum Capital. Mathieu’s cover profile appears in the December 2019 edition of Real Assets Adviser. (11/2019)

Shop Talk: Core investing in agriculture

What constitutes core investing in agriculture? What are the components of smart ag sleeve in an investment portfolio? How has farmland investing been trending among investors? Is now an especially good time to invest in ag? How is it expected to perform during the next recession? Brandon Zick, who manages investments for Ceres Partners, offers some answers. (11/2019)
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