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In Focus: Brad Updike on conservation easements

Brad Updike, director, Mick Law P.C., discusses the definition of conservation easements and how they work in an investment program, what type of investor conservation easements are suitable for, the benefits and risks of investing in conservation easements and more.

Webinar – IPA/Real Assets Adviser: The Expanding Range of Liquidity Options Within Alternative Solutions, A Discussion with Mark Goldberg

Regulatory and market factors have combined to highlight the need for liquidity options in what has historically been illiquid securities. This fundamental client need has given rise to closed end interval funds and Daily NAV REITs in an asset class that has limited liquidity. This call will focus on these options and the tradeoff between liquidity and asset class exposure via an in-depth discussion between FactRight's Scott Smith and Griffin Capital Securities' Mark Goldberg. (07/2018)

Shop Talk: The CEO of GraniteShares on commodity ETFs

Will Rhind, founder and chief executive of GraniteShares, where just a dozen employees in WeWork office space are taking on ETF behemoths BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard, joins us to discuss his David vs. Goliaths tale, which has taken him from Scotland to London to Manhattan. (09/2018)

Shop Talk: Death of the traditional 60/40 portfolio

Executives at the RIA Halbert Hargrove came to the conclusions several years ago the traditional 60/40 stock-and-bond portfolio had become outdated and made the landmark decision to replace it with portfolios containing a more diverse set of asset classes. How did the decision come about? How was executed? What was the reaction from the firm’s advisers and clients? And how has the plan worked thus far? CEO Russ Hill and investment committee chief Brian Spinelli join the discussion. (09/2018)

In Focus: Matthew Iak on the oil and gas sector

Matthew Iak, executive vice president and director at U.S. Energy Development Corp., gives an update and overview of the status of the oil and gas markets, and where capital formation is trending at this point in time. (09/2018)

Shop Talk: Nuclear energy’s resurgent prospects in the age of climate change

Nuclear energy has long been a feared and decried power source in many circles, but with climate change threatening the planet in ways nuclear plants never have, a chorus of former naysayers are now pointing to nuclear energy as an essential technology for decarbonizing earth’s atmosphere. To discuss the industry’s outlook, nuclear energy expert John Kotek, an executive with the Nuclear Energy Institute and a former official with the U.S. Department of Energy, joins us. (09/2018)

A conversation with KBS's Chuck Schreiber

Geoff Dohrmann, president and CEO at Institutional Real Estate, Inc., sits down with Chuck Schreiber, CEO at KBS Realty Advisors, to discuss KBS's history and philosophy when it comes to investing. (09/2018)

Infrastructure Report: The impact of private investment and advanced technologies

What are the most positive and exciting projects and trends in the infrastructure space today? Our guest, Norm Anderson, CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure, takes us around the world and around many dimensions of the infrastructure backbone, and gives investors and rank-and-file citizens some reasons for renewed optimism. (08/2018)
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