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Inside the Edition: Michelle Mathieu, CIO of Fulcrum Capital

This is an edited version of a cover profile interview conducted by Real Assets Adviser editor Mike Consol with Michelle Mathieu, CIO of Fulcrum Capital. Mathieu’s cover profile appears in the December 2019 edition of Real Assets Adviser. (11/2019)

In Focus: Tyler Grant on the REIT market

Tyler Grant, vice president, equity analyst at AEW Capital Management, discusses what comprises a publicly-traded REIT, why investors are interested in investing and the performance historically when compared to traditional real estate investments. (11/2019)

Shop Talk: Core investing in agriculture

What constitutes core investing in agriculture? What are the components of smart ag sleeve in an investment portfolio? How has farmland investing been trending among investors? Is now an especially good time to invest in ag? How is it expected to perform during the next recession? Brandon Zick, who manages investments for Ceres Partners, offers some answers. (11/2019)

Shop Talk: Which property type will be most durable during the next downturn

Even during times of economic distress there are some real estate property types or strategies that prove resilient. As investors reformulate their portfolios in anticipation of an expected real estate downturn, which property type or strategy would they be wise to bolster in their portfolios? We take that question to Spenser Allaway, an analyst on the retail research team with Green Street Advisors. (10/2019)

Shop Talk: Why has everybody stopped talking about biofuels?

Biofuels used to be a major talking point in conversations about renewables, but they seem to have disappeared from the scene as solar and wind power have escalated as clean energy sources. Why the silence about biofuels? Do they still have a future? Are there technological breakthroughs in the offing? Do investment opportunities exist? To learn more, we asked biofuel and biomass expert Naoko Ellis, professor of chemical and biological engineering at the University of British Columbia, to join us.…

Shop Talk: The art and science of real estate forecasting

Forecasts underwrite every investment decision and are particularly important in real estate because capital commitments are often long term, assets are high value, and transaction costs are high. David Rees, a regional director of research for JLL Asia Pacific, joins the program to discuss the methodology and unique challenges real estate forecasting poses. (10/2019)

Shop Talk: Microsoft spearheading high-speed rail plan for Northwest

The US High Speed Rail Association is collaborating with Microsoft to produce the Cascadia Rail Summit at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Wash., to investigate the prospects of a so-called Cascadia Innovation Corridor rail system running from Vancouver, B.C., to Portland, Ore., with an eye toward creating a rival to Silicon Valley. A study completed in July 2019 by the Washington State Department of Transportation estimates that a state-of-the-art high-speed rail system would generate $355 billion in economic development for the…

Shop Talk: The challenges faced by advisers seeking to use alts and real assets

What are the primary challenges faced by advisers looking to add real assets to client portfolios? What knowledge are they lacking? Overall, how receptive are most advisers to real assets? What hard asset classes are most in demand by advisers and investors? And how do commission and compliance issues come into play? Matt Malone, a managing director at FS Investments, oversees product management of FS Investments’ real estate platform, including FS Credit REIT. He joins the program. (10/2019)

Shop Talk: The continuing case for investing in apartments

Despite a long expansion, high rents and an economic slowdown, Tim Ballard, co-founder and president of Buchanan Street Partners, makes the argument that apartment rentals will continue to see outsized demand for a long time to come. (10/2019)
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