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The multi-generational workplace and how to hire, manage and retain the professionals you need

Katherine Jeffery of KJ Consulting is a generational strategist who specializes in developing business strategies that help organizations navigate the complexities of having five generations working side-by-side in the modern workplace. She joins to program to explain each generation’s sensibilities and what employers need to focus on when hiring and integrating the broad mix of attitudes and work styles. (09/2022)

The current and future state of U.S. and global cities

Phil Ryan, director of the JLL City Futures program, joins the podcast to discuss his organization’s research regarding a host of issues revolving around cities, such as: What makes cities succeed or fail? What are the big challenges facing cities? What questions are still pending in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic? What are the world’s greatest cities and why? And what is a reasonable vision of a city of the future 25 years hence? (09/2022)

Creating infrastructure resiliency, and the implications for investors

Gordon Feller — a global fellow at The Smithsonian Institution’s Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and former director of Urban Innovation at Cisco Systems — joins the program to discuss efforts to achieve greater infrastructure resiliency, what it involves, and how it might affect investors. (08/2022)

The era of big data and the stories it is trying to tell us

Filip Dousek — founder of the AI and data analytics company, recently acquired by Workday — built his startup on the notion that data is only as good as the stories it tells, so that companies can take suitable, information-based actions. He joins the program to discuss the “data lake,” the “data swamp,” data storytelling, and where AI will take humanity in the years to come. (07/2022)
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