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Shop Talk: The financial-service challenges faced by cannabis-related businesses

Even as Congress is expected to soon legalize hemp as a crop — with implications for activities ranging from medical treatments and construction materials to fabrics and investment opportunities — cannabis businesses have effectively been shut out of the banking business, leaving them with piles of cash and few effect ways to secure and manage it. Our guest, Nathaniel Gurien, founder of FINCANN, connects pot-related business with the so-called Cannabis Banking Financial Network, joins us to discuss those issues. (08/2018)

Shop Talk: The five stages of artificial intelligence

What are the five stages of AI? What is our current stage of development? How are Amazon and other organizations using AI? And will advanced forms of AI pose a threat to human beings, as some futurists have warned? Our guest, Bahram Motamedian, counts AI as one of his areas of expertise. Officially, he is an executive managing director of portfolio management and chief strategy officer at USAA Real Estate. He shares his perspectives with us during this interview. (07/2018)

Shop Talk: The investment opportunity in non-conventional lending

What is non-conventional lending? What interest rate can a lender expect to earn? What is the typical length of a non-conventional loan? How can an investor get involved in this form of debt investing? Anthony Geraci — managing shareholder at Geraci Law and an advocate of non-conventional lending — is our guest. (06/2018)

Shop Talk: An update on real estate crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding is projected to grow to $300 billion by 2025. How has crowdfunding influenced real estate investing? Has it democratized real estate investing? What are the risks individual investors need to understand? And what does the Statue of Liberty have to do with crowdfunding? Adam Kaufman, co-founder and managing director of ArborCrowd, an online real estate crowdfunding platform, is our guest. (06/2018)

Shop Talk: Using technology to manage real estate investments

The real estate business has long had an aversion to technology and has been slow in its adoption. Our guest, Alex Robinson, co-founder and CEO of Juniper Square, argues the problem has been, in part, a lack of available and good quality technologies. That is changing. Robinson discusses the state of the art. (06/2018)

Webinar - IPA/Real Assets Adviser: Accessing Credit Offerings through Portfolio Diversifying Investments

In a quest for less correlation and a more diversified portfolio, financial advisers are increasingly looking to private credit offerings. To effectively leverage private credit in a client's portfolio, however, asset level evaluation of the investment thesis is of critical importance. This call will look exclusively at private credit investments and how to effectively evaluate the strategy inside the wrapper and capture the benefits of the private credit asset class. (06/2018)  

Shop Talk: The outlook for the growth of real assets

More investors are expanding their investment portfolios into real assets, with 19 percent of institutional investors planning to “significantly increase” their allocations. What is driving the expansion? What advantages do they offer a portfolio? Which real assets are showing the greatest promise? Prashant Tewari and Steve Cummings, executives from the Townsend Group and Aon, respectively, join the program to analyze the trend. (06/2018)

Shop Talk: A vertical, hyper-local approach to real estate investing

Larry Taylor, founder and president of Christina Development Corp., says handing off any phase of real estate investing and management to a third party “makes no sense,” that real estate organizations need to be vertically integrated, and investment activity must be tightly focused geographically to truly understand nuances of the market. He joins us to discuss his 44 years in the business. (06/2018)

Shop Talk: Retail report from RECon 2018

RECon 2018 — the Global Retail Real Estate Convention — was held May 20-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and real estate developers, investors and retailers came together to make deals and consider the fast-changing future of retail. Stephanie Cegielski, an executive with the International Council of Shopping Centers, joins us to discuss the convention's outcome. (05/2018)
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