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Investors and the disconnect between listed and nonlisted real estate

What is the danger of underestimating the distinction between listed and nonlisted real estate? What is the “disconnect” between the two strategies? When is listed versus non-listed real estate appropriate in a portfolio? Mike Bessell, managing director and European investment strategist at Invesco Real Estate, joins the program to elaborate on the topic. (07/2021)

Real estate roundtable: Three U.S. cities and three executives monitoring their progress

What property type most defines cities such as New York, Miami and Dallas? What are those cities biggest concerns around hospitality and housing? In what ways will the post-pandemic environment change? What is the biggest impact that will be made by proptech? And what niche real estate category is looking strongest in those markets? Those and other questions are answered by Brian Bader, Kristi Gibson and Ian Shapiro, executives in the real estate practice at BDO. (07/2021)

What the hot auctions business means for investors aiming to buy or sell assets

Technology has dramatically changed and broadened the auction business, and headlines have been filled with titanic asset sales in everything from digital art and vintage wine to classic cars and real estate portfolios. To explain the current environment, we are joined by Chad Roffers, co-founder and chairman of Concierge Auctions. Though he specializes in real estate auctions, Roffers addresses the full gamut of assets going to auction, as well as what auctions will look like with the advent of forthcoming…

Last-mile logistics as commercial real estate’s newest growth engine

A fascination new report from K.C. Conway, chief economist at the CCIM Institute, provides a host of insights about last-mile logistics, how they are being executed to serve both consumers and businesses, the risks and rewards for investors, and how even hotels and restaurants are participating in this monumental shift. Conway joins the program to discuss his report. (07/2021)

Building real-asset portfolios in an unpredictable economy

What are the challenges investors face in constructing real-asset portfolios in the current environment with depressed fixed income yields and the threat of sustained inflation? What real asset classes are currently advisable? How should they be integrated into portfolios? Our guest, Jared Gross, managing director and head of institutional portfolio strategy at J.P. Morgan, offers his insights. (07/2021)

Why federal spending plans will not fix U.S. infrastructure

There is something fundamentally flawed about the federal government’s involvement in infrastructure, and it distorts opportunities for efficient choices to be made by state and local governments. So says this program’s guest, Chris Edwards, the director of tax policy studies at the Cato Institute. He points to an array of problems with federal involvement in U.S. infrastructure, very little of which its actually owns. (07/2021)  

The blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the decentralization of finance

Some argue the U.S. and global economies are headed toward the so-called decentralization of finance. What is defi? In what form does it currently exist? In what form will it exist in the future? What is “programmable money”? And how plausible is a broadly decentralized financial future? Matt Hougan, CIO of Bitwise Asset Management and an authority on cryptocurrency and financial technology, joins the program to explain. (07/2021)

The business community’s long march toward workplace diversity

What is the difference between diversity, equity and inclusion, the three components of DEI? Why has diversity been so slow in coming to U.S. workplaces? What are the chief impediments to DEI and in what ways has the definition of diversity expanded? And what are some of today’s best practices in achieving DEI? TJ Edwards and Jason Golub, executives with Walker & Dunlop, join the program to discuss the continuing effort to achieve more inclusive working environments. (06/2021)

Solving inefficiencies in the fragmented transportation and logistics business

Transportation is a massive industry, but it’s riddled with inefficiencies that result in billions of dollars in lost revenue and productivity. Like many other industries, however, entrepreneurs and applied technologies are seeking to eradicate the gaps and disconnects and create a seamless logistical web of players and services. Two of the entrepreneurs on the case are Mustafa Azizi and Matt Tabatabai, co-founders of Zuum Transportation. Here is their story and the scope of the problem. (06/2021)

The great debate: Fossil fuels vs. renewables

Adam Rozencwajg, managing partner at Goehring & Rozencwajg Associates, warns we are making a terrible mistake in energy policies that promote a transition to renewables, and imminent harm is awaiting investors and policymakers who fail to acknowledge certain realities. David Sher, co-CEO of Greenbacker Capital, counters that fossil-fuel proponents use selective mathematics to diminish the value of renewables, but these oil and natural gas champions rarely consider the whole picture. Let the debate begin. (06/2021)
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