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Keith Lampi on 1031 Exchanges

Keith Lampi, president at Inland Private Capital, discusses how 1031 Exchanges began, the evolution of the industry and the current status of this tax-deferred real estate transaction. Advisors looking for similar educational videos should visit The Inland Academy. (10/2019)

Shop Talk: Tony Chereso on the future of alternatives and the IPA

What are the latest changes and advances in the alternative investment market? What is spurring renewed interest and fundraising among nontraded REITs? What are some of the latest initiatives from the Institute for Portfolio Alternatives and its work in promoting the use of alternative and portfolio-diversifying investments? Tony Chereso, president and CEO of the IPA, joins the program to explain. (10/2019)

Shop Talk: The flexible office space market — today and in the future

What is the current state of flexible office space? Why has flex space caught fire in the United States? What type of tenants benefit most? What percentage of office space does flex space account for, and what is it likely to be in five or 10 years? In what ways will flex space evolve? CBRE has released a new report on the topic and its lead author, CBRE executive Julie Whelan, joins us to discuss the report’s findings. (10/2019)

Shop Talk: Retail ‘e-volution’ and predictions for 2025

A new report from the CCIM Institute, a commercial real estate organization, offers five — sometimes surprising — predictions regarding online retailing, new retail showroom concepts, innovations in warehouse design, insights about last-mile fulfillment, the importance of adaptive reuse of retail space, and other issues. K.C. Conway, chief economist of the CCIM Institute, joins the program to elaborate. (10/2019)

Author Spotlight: One man's quest to transform American energy

Russell Gold, Wall Street Journal reporter and author of Superpower: One Man’s Quest to Transform American Energy, tells the story of Michael Skelly who began working on wind energy in 2000 when many considered the industry a joke. Eight years later, Skelly helped build the second largest U.S. wind power company, which he sold for $2 billion. Wind power is no longer the butt of energy jokes, and Skelly is not done working on converting the U.S. power grid from…

Shop Talk: A wholistic investment concept for affordable housing

Affordable housing remains a huge and growing problem in the United States, despite significant efforts to alleviate the situation. Our guest, Inna Khidekel, a partner in capital markets at Bridge Investment Group, points out the lack of affordable housing, which now affects more than 60 percent of the population, is turning out to be a major investment opportunity, provided investors move beyond traditional approaches. Bridge and other investment managers are taking an entirely new approach that involves partnering with social…

Inside the Edition: Clare Golla, Bernstein Private Wealth Management

This is an edited version of a cover profile interview conducted by Real Assets Adviser editor Mike Consol with Clare Golla, managing director and head of endowment and foundation advisory services at Bernstein Private Wealth Management. Golla’s cover profile appears in the October 2019 edition of Real Assets Adviser. (09/2019)

Inside the Edition: The real estate opportunities being created by esports

What is esports (or electronic sports) and why is it being played by millions around the world, including in custom sports venues? What are the implications for real estate developers and investors, and how might smaller-scale esports venues be integrated into traditional and lifestyle malls, as well as other retail spaces? Chi Bhatia, a senior designer with the sports and entertainment division of the architecture firm HKS, is our guest on the subject. (09/2019)

Shop Talk: The real estate opportunities in a rebuilding Puerto Rico

You might be surprised to learn that virtually all of Puerto Rico is a qualified opportunity zone for investors. Or that 80,000 housing units are needed, as well as many mixed-use, hospitality and infrastructure projects. Ricardo Alvarez-Diaz, co-founder and CEO of Alvarez-Diaz & Villalon, an architecture firm with offices in San Juan and Miami, joins the program to explain what is possible for real estate developers and investors. (09/2019)
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