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Author Spotlight: The real estate philosopher’s guide to real estate success

Longtime New York City real estate attorney Bruce Stachenfeld, of Duval & Stachenfeld, is the real estate industry’s self-proclaimed “real estate philosopher” and, to that end, has published a new book titled The Real Estate Philosopher’s Guide. He offers his insights and predictions about the future of real estate, how to outperform with your investments, and provides some inspirational anecdotes for these strange and challenging times. (12/2021)

Kline Hill's Mike Bego on the current secondaries market

Mike Bego, managing partner at Kline Hill Partners, discusses the current state of the private equity secondary market, why there is an increased interest in secondaries, what types of asset classes and strategies are available, should investors be concerned about investing in an opportunity another investor has decided to relinquish and more. (11/2021)

The WeWork of co-warehousing is seeking to incubate small business entrepreneurs

Jon Zimmerman, founder and CEO of ReadySpaces, says the United States is in the middle of a Renaissance of small businesses, as record numbers of Americans have stopped looking for jobs to instead start their own companies. Zimmerman's company aims to partner with entrepreneurs and small business owners by providing the ideal space environments they need to see it through. (11/2021)

Hotels come roaring back, and the future is looking bright

Business attorneys Minta Kay and Teresa Goebel, of the international law firm Goodwin, join the program and draw on their experience with the organization’s hospitality practice to offer their assessment of why the hotel segment vastly exceeded its survival expectations during the pandemic, is currently booming, and is poised for a prosperous future. (11/2021)

The global investment opportunity in rail

Gianluca Minella, head of infrastructure research at DWS Group, discusses infrastructure investing in rail and the indispensable role rail played in providing vital products during the pandemic, and the role it can play as a catalyst and beneficiary of the decarbonization trend, as governments adopt policies supporting passenger and freight rail over other modes of transport. What’s more, he says the post-COVID market may offer a good entry point for investors to acquire rail transportation assets. (11/2021)

How Nashville became a powerhouse city, and how can other emerging metros replicate its success

Debo Ayeni, director of research and data analytics for Alex. Brown Realty, and Mac McComas, senior program manager for Johns Hopkins University’s 21st Century Cities Initiative, join the program to discuss their research project titled Finding the Next Nashville: Job Growth and Job Sector Diversity in Cities. How did Nashville become the city it is today, and how can other cities emulate its progress? We discuss. (11/2021)

Author Spotlight: Applied Wisdom — 700 Witticisms to Save Your Assets

Alexander Ineichen, founder of Ineichen Research and Management, and former UBS Investment Bank executive, is out with his latest book, Applied Wisdom: 700 Witticisms to Save Your Assets. He joins the program from his home in Switzerland for a broad discussion about his book, and subjects ranging from economics and crowd behavior, to the things Marilyn Monroe and Mike Tyson have in common with Leonardo da Vinci. (11/2021)

An interview with Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors

This is an edited version of a cover profile interview conducted by Real Assets Adviser editor Mike Consol with Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors. Holmes’ profile appears in the October 2021 edition of Real Assets Adviser. (10/2021)

The never-ending story of food and grocery-anchored real estate

Blair Welch, co-founder of Slate Asset Management, joins the program to discuss the standout performance of grocery-anchored real estate, its role in last-mile logistics, and how physical supermarkets are being strengthened by ecommerce trends, rather than diminished by them. (10/2021)
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