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Shop Talk: IPA rolls out branding campaign

As the investment products available to retail investors expands, the Investment Program Association looks to make sense of the nomenclature used to identify those products. IPA chief executive Tony Chereso joins us to discuss the campaign. (09/2017)

Infrastructure Report: Investing opportunities in India

With a trillion dollars of infrastructure needs pending in India, private investors have an opportunity to get involved with a country committed to rapidly modernizing its economy and challenging China for economic supremacy in Asia. Rahul Mody, managing director and head of infrastructure at Ambit Corporate Finance, joins us from Mumbai to discuss. (09/2017)

Shop Talk: The tech threat no one is talking about

In his latest book, Ric Edelman, founder and executive chairman of Edelman Financial Services, makes the case that there is a technology threat to financial advisers — no, not robo-advisers — that no one is talking about. Edelman elaborates on the threat and what financial advisory firms need to do to meet the challenge. (09/2017)

Focus on Alternatives: Vali Nasr on alternative investments from the RIA perspective

Vali Nasr, chairman and CEO of Claraphi Advisory Network, discusses alternative investments from the RIA’s perspective, including an RIA’s approach to alternative investments, the percentage of investment types used in each client’s account, the use of nontraded vs. traded products, the growth of alternatives as part of client portfolios and more. (09/2017)

Inside the Edition: Investment opportunities in hydropower plants

Although wind and solar are today’s poster children for renewable energy, hydropower has been around much longer and boasts plants that have been operating reliably for more than 100 years, some of them with original equipment. What’s more, it can offer high rates of return, with most new hydropower being built today serving emerging markets with relatively high electricity prices and power demand growing in excess of 5 percent annually, 10 times the projected U.S. growth rate. Greg Morris, a…
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