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The prospect of a new asset class in psychedelic medicine and mental health technologies

Greg Kubin, a general partner at PsyMed Ventures, a VC fund focused on psychedelic therapeutics and other mental health technologies, joins the program to offer his insights on the biotech and pharmaceutical industries move into treating depression, anxiety, PTSD and other psychological ailments with the clinical use of MDMA, psilocybin, LSD, ketamine and other naturally occurring and synthetic treatments. (05/2022)

The self-storage market of today and tomorrow

Chris Harris, founder and CEO of Store Space, offers his analysis of the current environment for the self-storage space, what’s driving its seemingly relentless rise, how some markets get overbuilt, and the overall outlook for its future performance. (05/2022)

Keeping student housing and apartment complexes full

Staykeepers executives Michail Smirnov and Charlotte Russell join the program to discuss efforts being made to keep student housing and apartments full by offering short-term stays to people ranging from short- and longer-term business travelers to leisure travelers. (05/2022)

Betting $400m on a hospitality-style ecosystem to bring employees back to the office

Shane Connell, executive vice president of The Connell Co., joins the program to make the argument that employees can be drawn back to the office with a collegiate-style corporate campus, replete with a vast array of amenities and concierge services. His family business’s contribution to that concept? A 185-acre project dubbed The Park at Berkeley Heights. (05/2022)

Author Spotlight: International financier turns to fiction to tell tale of dark money and global politics

Jay Newman, a former hedge fund portfolio manager who spent 40 years involved with international finance — including being viewed as the mastermind behind a historic 15-year fight to recover billions of dollars in defaulted debt from the government of Argentina — has authored the new novel Undermoney, part of a three-book deal with Scribner. With cameo appearances by Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, the novel offers a fictionalized account of the very real instances of…

RAA's Mike Consol on the April issue of Real Assets Adviser

Mike Consol, editor of Real Assets Adviser, discusses features in the April 2022 issue of Real Assets Adviser and how these articles reflect broader market trends. (04/2022) To download the April 2022 issue of Real Assets Adviser, click here.

How the hotel sector outperformed expectations

Not only was there no pandemic-induced bloodbath for hotels, but the lodging industry actually exceeded expectations. Michelle Russo, founder and CEO of Hotel Asset Value Enhancement (hotelAVE), joins the program to discuss how hotels finessed the situation, and why she sees opportunities for innovations and heightened profitability going forward. (03/2022)
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