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In Focus: Sudha Reddy on the current single family rental market

Sudha Reddy, founder of Haven Realty Capital, discusses the evolution of the single family rental market since the Global Financial Crisis, the effect of COVID-19 on the single family rental industry, build-to-rent communities and the role they play in the single family rental market and more. (05/2021)

Hotel conversions before and during COVID

The pandemic and partial economic shutdown didn’t trigger the expected financial distress and fire sale of hotel properties. Still, hotel conversions march on, albeit at a slower pace than anticipated. Where are the opportunities in hotel conversions? To what uses are hotels being converted into? And what rates of returns are being realized? Mike Zlotnik, a software executive turned real estate fund manager, joins the program to discuss his perspective on the hotel conversion market. (05/2021)

A lesson in what the super-rich know about minimizing taxes and maximizing income

Do you really know the difference between assets and liabilities? Do you know the three critical segments of a tax-efficient investment portfolio, based on how the nation’s richest people allocate their investment dollars? Tax attorney Toby Mathis, author of Infinity Investing, discusses the traps contained in the U.S. Tax Code and how investors can take advantage of U.S. tax law by engaging in the practices it has been designed to reward. (04/2021)

The psychology behind maximizing adviser/client relationships

What characteristics are possessed by the most successful financial advisers? Can those characteristics be learned, or is success largely hardwired into personalities? What does human behavior tell us about the mistakes investors commonly make while working with advisers? Our guest, Michael Liersch of Wells Fargo & Co., has built his career around the development and propagation of research-based methods for helping advisers and clients collaborate in the most productive ways possible around their money and investing decisions. (03/2021)

Real estate investing in the era of big data

As McKinsey noted in one of its reports: Many real estate firms have long made decisions based on a combination of intuition and traditional, retrospective data. Today, a host of new variables make it possible to paint more vivid pictures of a location’s future risks and opportunities. And, one might add, the management of real estate portfolios. Joining the program to discuss how big data is being used in the real estate space today is Kurt Edwards, leader of the…

Jay Frank of Cantor Fitzgerald discusses qualified opportunity zones

Jay Frank, COO at Cantor Fitzgerald Investment Management, speaks with Brooke Heffington, managing director at Real Assets Adviser, about the Qualified Opportunity Zone Program including the program's impact on communities, the tax benefits available, and a comparison between 1031 exchanges and Opportunity Zone investments. (03/2021) To learn more:
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