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Focus on Alternatives: Streamlining alternative investments

Brad West, chief information officer at FS Investments, discusses how technology has improved the alternative investments experience for advisors and their investors, how members in the industry can help continue technology’s progress, what tools should be put into use, and more. (12/2018)

Shop Talk: Dodge Data & Analytics economist on the construction outlook for 2019

As we close the books on 2018, how did construction perform this year versus 2017 and historically? What are the current levels in construction activity in the multifamily and commercial real estate sectors? Which markets are seeing the most activity? What effects will interest rate hikes, rising costs of materials and the shortage of skilled labor have on development activity? And, of course, what is the construction outlook for 2019? Robert Murray, chief economist at Dodge Data & Analytics —…

Shop Talk: Will industrial retain its crown as ‘property type of the year’ in 2019?

How will industrial perform in 2019? Will it be resilient during an economic downturn? What is the industry’s potential Achilles’ heel? How is the industrial real estate category evolving? How are automation, robotics and artificial intelligence being factored into new and future industrial projects? What are the hallmarks of a truly successful industrial or warehouse project? Jon Pharris, co-founder and president of CapRock Partners, joins us to tackle those questions. (11/2018)

Inside the Edition: Amit Dogra, CEO of Third Seven Advisors

This is an edited version of a cover profile interview conducted by Real Assets Adviser editor Mike Consol with Amit Dogra, CEO of Third Seven Advisors. Dogra’s cover profile appears in the December 2018 edition of Real Assets Adviser. (11/2018)

Shop Talk: The complexity of investing in euro zone retail real estate

What is the current health retail in Europe? Which categories of retail are performing especially well? What are the challenges confronting retailers? How are traditional brick-and-mortar stores meeting the e-commerce incursion? Has the level of investment in euro zone retailing been on the upswing, flat or tailing off? We explore those issues with Andrew Vaughan, CEO of Redevco, a retail real estate investment management company with more than 320 assets under management. (11/2018)
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