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Shop Talk: The comeback prospects for hotels and Airbnb

U.S. hotel occupancy has more than doubled from historic lows of just over 20 percent in April, according to Reuters, but the hotel sector’s lost glory is still a long way off. Indeed, Airbnb is likely better positioned for recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout. We talk about those prospects with our guest, Michael Beckman, managing director at Townhouse Partners, a due diligence firm focused on the U.S. commercial real estate industry. (07/2020)

Shop Talk: The expanding market for single-family rentals

Investor participation in the buying, renovation and renting of single-family homes has taken off in the United States, and trend lines indicate the market will grow much larger. This new real estate sub-category, a byproduct of the housing market devastation triggered by the global financial crisis, is promising to both reward investors and improve the housing market for single-family rentals. Our guest, Brian Mitts, CFO of NexPoint Real Estate Advisors, a player in the space, joins the program to explain…

Author Spotlight: Healthy buildings and indoor spaces in the age of coronavirus

With impeccable timing, co-authors John Macomber and Joseph Allen hit the market with their new book, Healthy Buildings: How Indoor Spaces Drive Performance and Productivity, right in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Macomber — a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School with more than 30 years of experience in the real estate, construction and information technology businesses — argues that, rather than pinching pennies on energy-cost reduction, building owners and managers have far more to gain by focusing on…

Inside the Edition: The marriage between AI and senior housing and care

Take the underserved senior-care market and apply artificial intelligence, and what do you get? Might AI make senior-care residents healthier and facilities safer as it swiftly and autonomously discerns whether residents are suffering from any number of ailments, such as increased pain levels or even a minor stroke? Might it reduce the workload and stress on personnel? Might it also keep beds occupied and boost the profitability of senior-care facilities? Take a tour through this technology with our guest, Terry…

Shop Talk: Faith-based and mission-focused real estate investing

What is the Collegiate Church Corp. and how was its real estate assets managed in a way that assisted in boosting its portfolio’s value by more than 300 percent? What is mission-focused and faith-based real estate investing? Our guest, Casey Kemper, recently retired from his post as head of the Collegiate Church endowment and has since co-founded the faith-based K4 Real Estate Group. We talk with him about his real estate investing principles, as well as his speculation as to…

Shop Talk: The current and post-pandemic outlook for student housing

Like so many other sectors of our economy, student housing has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic and the partial economic shut down, as colleges and universities have sent their students home to do their course work and observe social distancing. How will student housing — one of real estate’s hottest property types — rebound from this? What are the demographics telling us about the future level of college enrollment and occupancy at student housing developments? And what are the…

Author Spotlight: Creating the urban dream by tackling the affordable housing crisis with compassion

Our guest, and coronavirus survivor, is Clay Grubb, chairman and CEO of Grubb Properties, and author of Creating the Urban Dream: Tackling the Affordable Housing Crisis with Compassion. He hails from Lexington, N.C., barbecue capital of the United States, and now runs his organization in Charlotte, N.C., where he counts basketball legend Michael Jordan and football star Cam Newton among his high-rise apartment neighbors. And, yes, we discuss his book and his prescriptions for bringing affordable housing to cities across…

In Focus: Tim Shine on attracting and retaining talent

Tim Shine, principal at Shine Associates, discusses hiring challenges for employers, tips for attracting new talent and why having a well-honed interview process is key. (04/2020) Tim Shine attended IREI's 2020 Visions, Insights & Perspectives (VIP) Americas event in Dana Point, Calif. in January.

Shop Talk: Turning trash to energy using gasification plants

In St. Albert, Canada, Mayor Cathy Heron is launching a local infrastructure project called the sustainable neighborhoods program that employs waste-to-energy technology to empty local landfills and use the gas produced by garbage to create heat or electricity with basically zero emissions and a reusable ash byproduct. She joins us to explain the project and its economics. (05/2020)
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