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Hines on the current global industrial and logistics market

When COVID-19 first appeared, comparisons were made with the Global Financial Crisis. Back in 2008, the industrial and logistics sector was hit hard and left with a plethora of new but empty warehouses that had been built on the whim of retailers. However, with today’s Coronavirus pandemic, and the focus on distribution and e-commerce, logistics real estate has emerged and stepped into the spotlight as an important part of urban infrastructure. This video looks at how Hines has prepared for…

Author Spotlight: Retired Cintas Corp. CEO on building a better organization

Robert Kohlhepp joined Cintas Corp. in July 1967 as controller. Over a span of 50 years with Cintas he was promoted to positions of general manager, vice president and treasurer, executive vice president, president and CEO, and then served as vice chairman and chairman of the board before retiring in 2016. Now, he has published his first book, "Building a Better Organization," based on his decades of experience running a Fortune 1000 corporation and acquiring and acculturating hundreds of companies.…

Author Spotlight: The evolution of real estate crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has promised the democratization of investing by giving access to a broader array of investors to directly invest in — among other asset classes — residential and commercial real estate. Adam Gower, founder of and author of Unleashed, a book on the topic, joins the program to talk about the progress real estate crowdfunding has made, as well as the significant interest being expressed in the category by institutional investment managers. (09/2021)

1031s: An Update & Outlook

This webinar is hosted by Real Assets Adviser and ADISA. It gives a 1031 industry overview and a legislative update on issues facing 1031s and share predictions. ADISA also shares their history with 1031s and discusses the scope of 1031s to Congress. Plus, highlights from the upcoming October Real Assets Adviser feature article titled, “1031 by the Numbers.” (08/2021) Moderator: Brooke Heffington Managing Director Real Assets Adviser Speakers: Brandon Balkman Senior Vice President, Marketing Orchard Securities John Harrison, DBA Executive…

The investment diagnosis for hotels — today and going forward

Crippled by the COVID-19 pandemic, the hotel business is on the march back to economic health. The debt market is strong, there is a fair amount of liquidity and properties are functioning mostly efficiently. That is the word from our guest, Kevin Davis, a senior managing director in JLL’s Hotels & Hospitality Group in New York City. There's more, including the current headline writ large above the industry. And what about Airbnb and other shared-economy insurgents? (09/2021)

Inside the Edition: Hotel conversions and hitting home runs with sports venues

In this edition we preview upcoming Real Assets Adviser stories for the October and November issues of the magazine with Millionacres editor Deidre Woollard and contributing writer Kristi Waterworth. Millionacres, a unit of The Motley Fool, has been collaborating with Real Assets Adviser on several real estate stories of interest to both organizations. Podcast host and magazine editor Mike Consol joins Woollard and Waterworth to discuss hotel conversions and real estate opportunities surrounding sports venues. (09/2021)

U.S. housing shortage keeps fueling the single-family build-to-rent market

The COVID-19 pandemic, along with increasing single-family housing prices, has only accelerated the suburban renaissance. Both ends of the demographic spectrum, millennials and baby boomers, are seeking the hassle-free living of apartment life, while also looking for the space and privacy of a single-family home. That has made investors more interested than ever in the hot build-to-rent market. To discuss the phenomenon, we are joined by Berkadia executives Russ Hardy and Dori Nolan. (09/2021)

Investing in shipping and the high seas

What are the investment opportunities in shipping? What are the historic returns? Why do the Greeks still rule the high seas? What is the current state of the shipping business? What is the average lifespan of a container ship, oil tanker or cruise liner? What countries are the biggest manufacturers? Many questions but also many answers from our guest, Matthew Freeman, chief commercial officer at VesselsValue. (09/2021)

Author Spotlight: Nine areas to invest during this era of climate change

Shifting weather patterns call for shifting investment priorities within the portfolio. That is the word from program guest Scott Schwartz, author of New Climate: A Sustainable Approach to Investing & Living in a New Climate. Schwartz, an investment adviser and financial analyst for more than 25 years, cites nine investment areas especially pertinent to our times and the climatic changes we face. He has been an airline pilot, sailor and world traveler — land, sea and air activities that have…
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