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Shop Talk: Investing in intellectual property as a real asset

What is the rationale for treating intellectual property ownership of music or pharmaceuticals as “real asset” investing? What are the four characteristics of a real asset? How do various types of IP produce cash flow? And what about the difficulty of protecting one’s intellectual property from misuse? Our guest, Jon Rotolo, head of private equity and real assets at Barings, joins us to explain. (04/2018)

Focus on Alternatives: Tim Toole responding to regulatory changes

Tim Toole, president of NorthStar Securities, discusses how recent regulatory changes have affected alternative investments, including if they prohibit or inhibit individual investors from accessing alternative investments, what can be changed, where regulations are headed and more.

Inside the Edition: Jeff Dekko, CEO, Wealth Enhancement Group

This is an edited version of a cover profile interview conducted by Real Assets Adviser editor Mike Consol with Jeff Dekko, CEO of Wealth Enhancement Group. Dekko’s cover profile appears in the April 2018 edition of Real Assets Adviser. (04/2018)

Focus on Alternatives: John Isakson on analyzing a multifamily property

John Isakson, chief capital officer of Preferred Apartment Communities, reviews the analysis considered for multifamily property investments, including evaluating a good market opportunity, metrics of the asset class to take into account, optimal holding periods, amenities and more. (04/2018)

Shop Talk: ESG investing in commodities

Did you know that gold is the only recyclable commodity? Or that central banks around the world are increasing their gold holdings? Or that gold investments circumvent many of the environmental and human rights issues that tend to be part-and-parcel of commodity investing? To explore these issues, Adam Strauss, co-CEO and portfolio manager at Appleseed Capital, joins us. (03/2018)
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