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Shop Talk: Revising the hedge fund space

Hedge funds appear to be back in favor, having returned 10.5 percent during 2017, according to the Barclay Hedge Fund Index, and off to a good start for 2018. Michael Tiedemann — CEO, CIO and chairman of Tiedemann Wealth Management — joins us to discuss some of the changes he has witnessed since his father founded a still-operating hedge fund in 1980. (02/2018)

Focus on Alternatives: Vali Nasr on RIA/BD mergers & technology

Vali Nasr, CEO and founder of ClaraPHI Advisory Network, discusses the movement of RIAs throughout the industry, the strategy of business operations on a commission basis versus an advisory basis, why traditional brokers are buying advisory practices, the move by RIAs to join RIA networks, and more. (02/2018)

Focus on Alternatives: Investing in technology

Jason Kavanaugh, president and CEO at Concorde Investment Services, discusses the role technology plays today for broker-dealers and RIAs, including evaluating the options available, what progress has been made for alternative investments, how to integrate systems with financial advisers, and more. (01/2018)

Shop Talk: Where CRE execs would invest a theoretical $1 billion

The 2018 Real Confidence Executive Survey — which asks participating executives where they would allocate a theoretical $1 billion in CRE investments to maximize their 2018 returns — has been released by Altus Group. Chuck DiRocco, director of research for the Washington, D.C., firm joins us to review the results. (01/2018)
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