Company Interviews

Time Equities Inc. Sponsor Interview June 2024
Customizable real estate solutions: A Q&A with Alex Anderson

Cantor Fitzgerald Sponsor Interview October 2023
Ed O’Farrell, managing director of Real Assets Adviser, sat down with Jay Frank, president and COO of Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management, and Jeffrey Deitrich, senior vice president and head of the equity fund management business for Silverstein Properties, to talk about how the Qualified Opportunity Zone Program (QOZ Program) is faring.

Mick Law P.C. Sponsor Interview October 2023
Navigating private investment opportunities in challenging times
A conversation with Bradford Updike, LLM, director at Mick Law, as well as Grant Mathey III, JD, and Alan Lincoln, CCIM

Cantor Fitzgerald Sponsor Interview November 2022
Looking beyond 60/40 portfolios
Real Assets Adviser sat down with Jeff Hertz, SVP, head of national sales — advanced planning at Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management, to talk about commercial real estate investment opportunities in today’s unsettled economic climate.

WealthForge Sponsor Interview October 2022
From Early Adopters to the Mainstream Market: A Fintech Platform's Evolution
WealthForge CEO Bill Robbins was interviewed to discuss the evolution of Altigo, the company’s subscription processing technology, how it differs from other platforms, and what he has learned as the platform has grown over the years.

Altigo Sponsor Interview September 2022
Technology advancements and a growing market bring new importance to alternative investments
John Rickman, content creator for electronic subscription processing platform Altigo, interviewed Altigo co-founder Mat Dellorso about his belief that alternative investments could comprise a bigger part of every investor’s portfolio, and his thoughts on what more can be done to make that happen.

WealthForge Sponsor Interview October 2021
Altigo: Straight-through processing: Revolutionizing the alternatives investment industry
Brooke Heffington, managing director for Real Assets Adviser, a division of Institutional Real Estate, Inc. (IREI), spoke with Bill Robbins, CEO of WealthForge, about the advantages of straight-through processing.

Strategic Capital Fund Management Sponsor Interview March 2021
The case for investing in cell towers
Brooke Heffington, managing director of Real Assets Adviser, spoke with Jerry Sullivan, CEO and managing director of Strategic Wireless Infrastructure Funds Management (Strategic Wireless), about the investment opportunity found in cell towers. Strategic Wireless is the wireless infrastructure division of Strategic Capital Fund Management.

National Real Estate Advisors Sponsor Interview November 2020 Americas
Jonathan A. Schein, Institutional Real Estate, Inc.'s senior vice president and managing director of global business development, spoke with Jeffrey Kanne, president and CEO of National Real Estate Advisors.

Broadstone Sponsor Interview July/August 2019
Jennifer Dohrmann-Alpert, managing director of Real Assets Adviser, spoke with Kate Davis, president and portfolio manager of Broadstone Real Estate Access Fund, a real estate interval fund sponsored by Broadstone Real Estate, LLC (Broadstone or the firm).

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