Company Reports

Clarion Partners Sponsor Report October 2023
Investing in the deglobalization era

Clarion Partners Sponsor Report June 2023
Benefits of private real estate in volatile markets

Clarion Partners Sponsor Report May 2023
U.S. multifamily investment opportunity post-COVID

Mick Law P.C. Sponsor Report March 2023
2022 Oil & Gas — E&P Momentum continues despite some recent headwinds

Bluerock Sponsor Report January 2023
Why Individual Investors Should Consider Seeking Alternative Credit

Clarion Partners Sponsor Report December 2022
Private real estate investing amid macro uncertainties

WealthForge Sponsor Report December 2022
Best the competition with the right tech stack

StratCap Sponsor Report November 2022
The cell tower business model — Resiliency and growth amid challenged capital markets

Bluerock Sponsor Report October 2022
3 Key Drivers of Real Estate Economic Cycles (Current Fundamentals Look Good)

Cantor Fitzgerald Sponsor Report October 2022
Global Infrastructure - An Overview

Clarion Partners Sponsor Report September 2022
Accelerated migration post-pandemic drives real estate returns

StratCap Sponsor Report September 2022
Wireless infrastructure - the 4th public utility

Clarion Partners Sponsor Report July/August 2022
Private real estate as a hedge against inflation

Mick Law P.C. Sponsor Report May 2022
What Is the "True Price" for Oil?

Clarion Partners Sponsor Report April 2022
The Future of Opportunity Zones

Mick Law P.C. Sponsor Report April 2022
Real estate capital developments

Bluerock Sponsor Report January 2022
Institutional Private Real Estate: A Timely Asset Class in Inflationary and Rising Rate Environments

Griffin Capital Sponsor Report December 2021
The continued case for multifamily

U.S. Energy Development Corporation Sponsor Report December 2021
(Missed) Opportunity Zones — Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late

WealthForge Sponsor Report December 2021
Altigo: Look for the difference
All alts subscription processing solutions are not alike

CIM Group Sponsor Report July/August 2021
Essential considerations and opportunities for today's U.S. office investors

Bluerock Sponsor Report June 2021
Specialty real estate spotlight: Life sciences
Distinctive and timely characteristics create significant tailwinds for investing

Time Equities Securities LLC Sponsor Report May 2021
How Diversified Real Estate Can Provide Value and Income to Wealth Advisers
Is the COVID-19 crisis providing opportunity in real estate?

CIM Group Sponsor Report April 2021
Data Centers Present Opportunities Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mick Law P.C. Sponsor Report March 2021
An Intro to 1031 Energy Programs by Bradford Updike, LLM, JD

DWS Sponsor Report June 2019
Why real estate?

KBS Sponsor Report June 2019
Don’t fear the false label “late cycle investor”

KBS Sponsor Report April 2019
Building a portfolio of CRE investments

Inland Private Capital Corporation Sponsor Report April 2019
Utilizing DSTs in a 1031 Exchange

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