Robert A. Stanger & Co., Inc.

December 2021 - Non-Traded REITs Record Over $4.6 Billion in November Fundraising

November 2021 – Projections raised to $75 billion for all alternatives covered by Stanger

November 2021 - NAV REITs Continue To Post Strong Performance

October 2021 - Non-Traded REITs Post Another $3+ Billion Month Strong Fundraising Fueled By Strong Performance

July 2021 - Non-Traded REITs Post Another $3+ Billion Month

July 2021 - NAV REITs Continue a Strong Upward Move Posting Best Quarterly Return in the Past Five Years

June 2021 - Non-Traded REITs Raise $3.5 Billion in June, Stanger Projects 2021 Non-Traded REIT Fundraising of $30 Billion

June 2021 - Updated Research on NAV REITs ; Black Creek, Blackstone, Hines, JLL and Starwood

May 2021 - Non-Traded REITs Raise Nearly $3 Billion; All-time new highwater mark for monthly sales

April 2021 - NAV REITs Continue to Outperform Their Traded Counterparts

April 2021 - Non-Traded REIT Fundraising, Q1 exceeds $5B and BDCs raises $3.2B in Q1

February 2021 - Non-Traded REITs Raise $1.7 Billion in February, Non-Traded BDCs Add $674 Million in Fundraising

February 2021 - Stanger Announces First Ever Equity Research Reports on NAV REITs

January 2021 - Non-Traded REITs Raise $1.1 Billion;

First Perpetual - Life BDC Breaks Escrow and Hits $1.4 Billion in Sales

YTD 2020 - Non-Listed REIT Fundraising Hits $10.8 Billion

December 2020 - Blackstone REIT fundraising breaks $20b mark

November 2020 - NAV REITs Post Year-to-Date Despite Real Estate Struggles Due to COVID-19

Non-Listed REITs Raised $656 Million in October 2020

Non-Listed REITs Raise $1.5 Billion in Third Quarter Fundraising Up 48% Over Second Quarter Lows

Non-Listed REITs Raise $467 Million in August 2020 Non-Listed REIT Fundraising Forecast Lowered to $10 Billion

Non-Listed REIT Fundraising Plateaus in July at $430 Million

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