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Real Assets Adviser’s Top Ranks Guides are produced monthly and feature a different fund category that is relevant to the alternatives marketplace. These guides are available at no charge through Real Assets Adviser’s Resource Center.

Issues from 2020


June 2020: Real Estate Mutual Funds Guide

This month we revisit the top 50 real estate mutual funds for the trailing 12 months ended May 8. The top 13 funds are in positive territory, and of those, only six posted double-digit returns to shareholders. Nos. 14-50 funds are underwater by –0.78 percent to –7.77 percent. Clearly, the economic devastation wrought by the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on a real estate industry that had been on a tremendous run. Witness that in our January report the ranking’s cumulative one-year return was 21.2 percent, compared with a –1.59 percent one-year return for the current report. Source: Morningstar


May 2020: Precious Metals Guide

The top 50 precious metal funds produced aggregate returns of 20.38 percent during the period. Of the 43 firms with a three-year track record, the aggregate return was 4.46 percent, and the below table also shows a five-year aggregate return of 6.74 percent among the 42 funds that have been in operation for at least five years. Source: Morningstar


April 2020: Publicly Traded REITs Guide

Taken as a group, the 100 publicly traded REITs in this guide earned aggregate returns of 23.22 percent to shareholders during the past 12 months, and the 91 REITs in the rankings with three-year track records have aggregate returns to shareholders of 8.52 percent during the period. Almost half the REITs listed (45 of the 100) have 12-month returns of greater than 20 percent, with 26 above 30 percent returns, and 13 with returns above 50 percent. Source: Morningstar


March 2020: Infrastructure Fund Guide

The top 25 listed infrastructure funds listed in the guide produced an aggregate 12-month return to investors (through Feb. 11, 2020) of 22.96 percent. The 21 funds with a three-year performance record returned an aggregate 11.45 percent to investors, while the 18 funds with a combined five-year performance record for a 7.52 percent return. Source: Morningstar


February 2020: Energy ETFs Top Ranks Guide

Despite 11 ETFs posting one-year losses, the 50 top-performing ETFs cumulatively averaged a one-year return of 12.13 percent, well above the cumulative 3.85 percent three-year return averaged by the 44 funds that have been around that long, and the cumulative five-year return average of 1.17 percent among the 36 funds that have been in operation that long. Source: Morningstar


January 2020: Real Estate Mutual Funds Guide

The Real Estate Mutual Funds Guide features details on a sampling of real estate mutual funds in the alternatives marketplace. The grouping’s cumulative one-year return was 21.2 percent, which is several times better when compared to the 4.2 percent cumulative returned by the best-performing 50 funds during 2018. The 42 funds with a three-year track record cumulative averaged 12.0 percent, and the 37 funds that have been operating for five years posted a cumulative 8.2 percent return. Source: Morningstar

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