Institutional Real Estate Europe

October 1, 2018: Vol. 12, Number 9

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Merging lanes: It has never been more vital to align property assets with infrastructure developments. But what does that mean in practice, and what are the implications for investors’ portfolios?

There  has  always  been  a  fine  line  between  real  estate  and  infrastructure,   but  these  days,  it’s  looking  increasingly blurred.  Ask  most  commentators  about  this  shifting  boundary  and  the  message  is  broadly  the  same:  There  has  never  been  a  more   important  time  for  investors  to  scrutinise  the  two  asset  classes  and  weigh  up  their  respective  benefits  at  a  portfolio  level. 


Take the leap: It’s time to fully embrace digitalisation to deliver efficient asset management

For many, artificial intelligence (AI) is noth- ing more than a buzzword. The same can be said for blockchain or machine learning. Yet these technologies have already impacted the real estate industry, offering numerous advantages and leaps in efficiency, particularly in the area of asset management. Thanks to AI-based asset platforms and an abundance of data, opportunities for profitable investments are now just a mouse click away.

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