Institutional Real Estate Europe

February 1, 2016: Vol. 10, Number 02

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Retail isn't dead, but evolving

Amazon UK had its busiest day on record on Black Friday in November 2015, selling more than 7.4 million items, at a rate of around 86 items per second, and surpassing Black Friday 2014, previously the busiest day ever.


Life at the top: Play your cards right. Higher or lower?

Did we do it? Did commercial real estate transaction activity across Europe last year hit a new record? Unsurprisingly, six days into the new year the full-year 2015 numbers have yet to be announced and will probably differ between the various brokers and consultants that do the number-crunching.


Will Spain and Portugal row back on burgeoning investor promise?

Two of the euro zone’s “problem children” — Spain and Portugal — have succeeded in recent years in putting their economies back on an even keel after the global financial crisis and the euro zone sovereign debt debacle, with long-overdue austerity programmes helping to overhaul public finances and reduce debt and deficit burdens.

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