Institutional Real Estate Europe

September 1, 2020: Vol. 14, Number 8

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At a crossroads: Is German real estate returning to past values or heading off to new shores?

For a long time prior to the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, there was talk of how the German economy would cope with the experience of an external shock. Now, this precise scenario has become reality — albeit in a totally unexpected manner — and its ramifications still cannot be estimated, even several months after the beginning of the lockdown. One thing, however, is already clear. The consequences of the coronavirus pandemic will occupy us for a much longer period of time than many market players would wish.


Mixed views: How are managers responding to the challenge of pandemic cycle investing?

After four months of forced economic hibernation, societal lockdowns, staggered reopenings and pandemic relapses, the environment is now even more convoluted. Increased uncertainty may yet prompt asset allocators to re-evaluate some long-held propositions that have supported investment decisions throughout the post-GFC period. Near- and medium-term strategies will be influenced by markets, sectors and strategy type, overlaid by the perceived balance of all uncertainties and outcome probabilities.


Companies may shift towards core-and-flex office models

Agile work strategies and the need to reconfigure office space in real time could see many companies move towards “core-and-flex” office models, where businesses retain the majority of their real estate on long leases, but hold a substantial minority on flexible, short-term rental agreements.

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