Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

December 1, 2018: Vol. 10, Number 11

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Asia Pacific

Outlook 2019: What can Asia Pacific property investors expect in the new year?

For those of us in the Asia Pacific real estate finance industry, 2018 has been unusual because geopolitics have been a dominating factor in generating performance. We believe Asia’s economic fundamentals are still stable, and the real estate sector should continue to perform in 2019. Trade friction and other geopolitical risks, however, will continue to dominate headlines in at least the early months of 2019, adding uncertainty to the region.

Asia Pacific

Global investment in real estate hits record US$1.8t

Despite geopolitical uncertainty and a slowing in the economic cycle, investment in the global property market rose a significant 18 percent year on year to a new record high of US$1.8 trillion (2017: US$1.5 trillion), according to Cushman & Wakefield’s Winning in Growth Cities report.

Asia Pacific

Stock performance tanks in October

Across the board, October stock performance — for broader equities and property stocks, both globally and in the Asia Pacific region — was dismal, as the story lines of US Federal Reserve tightening, trade war tensions and an ex-US global economic slowdown accelerated.

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