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In Focus: Melissa Reagen on predictive analytics

Melissa Reagen, managing director, head of research – Americas, at Nuveen Real Estate, discusses the predictive analytics the research team at Nuveen Real Estate is implementing to track data. (04/2020)

Shop Talk: COVID-19 and its likely impact on the housing market

Will we face a housing crisis? How will prices be affected? How will the COVID-19 pandemic affect the supply chain for homebuilding materials? What about the fallout for the overall economy and labor markets? Brad Dillman, chief economist for Cortland, a multifamily real estate investment company, is our guest. (04/2020)

Focus on Alternatives: Bill Shopoff on value-added real estate

Bill Shopoff, president & CEO at Shopoff Realty Investments, discusses the difference between value-added, opportunistic and income-based investing when it comes to real estate, gives examples of what these types of properties and investment situations would look like, and more. (04/2020)

Shop Talk: Investors buying raw land in rural America

If you're a real estate investor, buying raw land is probably not your thing. Generally speaking, neither is investing in ranches, farms, plantations and recreational areas in rural America. Most property investors favor developed real estate with proven track records in top-tier U.S. cities and suburbs. But there are companies that specialize in raw and rural land, and one of them is National Land Realty. Jason Burbage, president of that organization, joins the program to explain the interest in America's…

In Focus: François Forget on opportunities in REITs

François Forget, executive vice president of business developments and strategic initiatives at Presima, discusses how REITs are moving the needle in terms of generating income, accessing alternatives and meeting ESG targets. (03/2020) François Forget attended IREI's 2020 Visions, Insights & Perspectives (VIP) Americas event in Dana Point, Calif., in January.

Shop Talk: Bringing the blockchain and tokenization to real estate investing

Tokenization, blockchain, digital vaults — these are some of the phrases associated with tech platforms that are helping facilitate, make liquid and take the friction out of investing in alternatives and hard assets, as well as lowering the minimum investments required. What are the advantages of this kind of tokenization, and why has the adoption of tokenization not been more widespread to date? We put those questions to one of the executives playing in this emerging space, Ed Nwokedi, CEO…

In Focus: John Ockerbloom on risks and opportunities in the 2020 market

John Ockerbloom, U.S. head of real estate equity at Barings, discusses the biggest risks and most compelling opportunities in the context of a looming recession. He also explains why he believes core will outperform value-added real estate over the next three-to-five years, and which investors will be hit the hardest. (03/2020)

Report from Europe: Economic wreckage and response to the coronavirus

The global pandemic has landed in Europe with magnum force and brought economic activity to a virtual standstill, forcing euro zone governments to begin rolling out financial rescue and stimulus measures. Marek Handzel, editor of Institutional Real Estate Europe, explains the situation. (03/2020)

Shop Talk: Tactical fund managers getting caught flat-footed by coronavirus, oil price collapse

Have tactical fund managers gotten caught flat-footed by the coronavirus and the collapse in oil prices? What could (or should) tactical managers have done in light of recent events? Is tactical management all it is advertised to be, or is mostly a marketing play? What have studies of long-term performance comparing strategic versus tactical fund management taught us? John Traynor, executive vice president and CIO at People’s United Advisors joins the program to share his experiences and insights. (03/2020)

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