Institutional Real Estate Europe

May 1, 2021: Vol. 15, Number 5

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The data dilemma: Data centres are growing across Europe as the global economy demands large increases in digital storage space

Making the case for investment in data centres is, on the surface at least, not that difficult.The need to store and process digital information has grown exponentially in recent times, while the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted how dependent many industries and service providers are on virtual clouds to remain in close contact with their customers and business partners.


Alignment of interest: Are we focusing on the wrong thing?

It has long been a priority of most investors to ensure the interests of their investment managers are closely aligned with their own interests. These investors are attempting to solve what is commonly referred to as “the agency problem”. According to Investopedia, “the agency problem is a conflict of interest inherent in any relationship where one party is expected to act in another’s best interests.” 

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