Institutional Real Estate Americas

May 1, 2015: Vol. 27, Number 5

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What time is it? Time for a potential problem analysis

Each time we enter into a new time or phase on the clock, investors face a whole new array of risks. But how do you best manage those risks? With respect to risk management, probably as many approaches exist as there are risks. The one that makes the most sense to me — and that has the added advantage of actually working — is Potential Problem Analysis.


Renters feel the pinch

The apartment sector has produced some fat gains over the past several years, putting a smile on investors’ faces. For many tenants, however, turn that smile upside down.


Workforce housing: A value-add multifamily strategy can deliver durable cash flow

The multifamily sector led the recovery in commercial real estate over the past several years, as occupancy remained buoyant and U.S. housing markets began a secular shift toward renting that is still under way. The asset class continues to offer significant long-term potential, however, and an innovative value-add strategy can deliver an institutional-scale platform for investing in one of the most compelling segments of the multifamily market: workforce housing. 

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