- May 1, 2015: Vol. 27, Number 5

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Take Five: A brief intermission with Steve Dyer

by Steve Dyer

Steve Dyer is real estate portfolio manager with Colorado Public Employees’ Retirement Association.

Best investment advice you ever received?

Trust your instincts, and be careful about being the first one to the dance. After thorough due diligence, vetting and first impressions, dig down, and let your experience and past successes provide some guidance.

What do you find most attractive about real estate?

Aside from the normal diversification mantra and potential for higher yields in value and current cash flow, I have always found real estate in all aspects full of unique challenges and problems — not always easy but often fun in a we-can-solve-this-problem or a we-can-improve-it way. Real estate has many layers of smart decision-making challenges from the ground up, literally.

Most overused real estate phrase?

Green and/or sustainable. Often used ad nauseam. Yes, implementation is very important and useful,

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