Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific

March 1, 2018: Vol. 10, Number 3

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Asia Pacific

Retail apocalypse: Separating myth from reality to understand opportunities in today’s retail sector

The “retail apocalypse” has largely taken place in the United States and United Kingdom, but the importance of the challenges facing retail has not been lost on investors around the world. In our meetings with institutional real estate investors across the Asia Pacific region over the past year, the most common question we have been asked has been: “What will the impact of e-commerce be on retail real estate and, given this threat, is the property type un-investable?”

Asia Pacific

China’s stabilising economy

With all the talk in recent years of whether China’s economy will face a hard or soft landing, KKR’s 2018 Global Macro Outlook has a far more pointed take: “Nominal GDP in China fell 68 percent from 2011 to 2015; as such, China’s economy has already crashed, in our view.”

Asia Pacific

Tailwinds for Asia Pacific property stocks in 2018

With the exception of the US property sector that was crushed by higher interest rates in January, most property stocks performed reasonably well to start 2018. Specifically, the Asia Pacific property sector returned 7.4 percent in January, well ahead of global property stock returns of a more modest 2.6 percent during the month.

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