Institutional Real Estate Europe

March 1, 2013: Vol. 7, Number 3

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Europe Chills Asia: How Well Is Asia Navigating Through the Slowdown?

While the Asian financial crisis of 1998 may be a distant memory, the current economic malaise in Europe is a startling reminder of what could happen if the European Union does not manage the situation and allows the crisis to wallow. Inaction by country governments and the bloc has more often created greater tension than any concrete solutions — remember the painful outcomes for Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea and Thailand and the subsequent changes in regimes. To complicate matters, sluggish growth in the United States and a manufactured slowdown in China have started to bite growth prospects for the Asia Pacific region and have consequently resulted in a slowdown in real estate transactions.


A Local Affair: The Principal Objectives of Sustainability Can Best Be Met on the Ground

It should be a simple message — “think ‘green’, go renewable, act responsibly, save the planet” — but as with anything that mankind gets its hands on the message is in danger of being obscured by: rules and regulations; certifications and ratings; measurements, monitoring mechanisms and metrics; manoeuvrings for position; and ways of making money. In short, complications.


Shop Talk: A Conversation with Ben Sanderson

Editor Richard Fleming spoke recently with Ben Sanderson, director of international investment at Hermes Real Estate Investment Management Ltd (HREIM), about the firm’s strategy in diversifying into real estate markets around the world.


Market Focus: Gdansk, Poland

The Polish economy has continued to show a higher growth rate than most other European Union markets. However, it lost some momentum in 2012, with GDP growth estimated at 2.2 percent, compared with 4.3 percent in 2011. Faltering external demand and a stronger currency impacted adversely on the export sector. Industrial production stagnated, while the manufacturing PMI hit a three-year low in June 2012.

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