Institutional Real Estate Americas

June 2012: Vol. 24 No. 6

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The SEC and Investors Will Put Managers to the Test: To Position Your Firm with Investors, Prepare for a Regulatory Exam

Institutional investors are driving change, and their expectations are beginning to converge with those of regulators. Both are looking for a more developed governance structure within funds holding institutional assets. This change in standards is driven by several factors; one of which is an increasing body of academic literature concluding that operational risks can lead to poor returns on investments.


Home Sweet Home: Managers Begin to Build Rental Home Portfolios, But Will Investors Put Out the Welcome Mat?

Considerable institutional capital has started targeting the budding business of operating foreclosed single-family homes as rental properties. A handful of investment managers are ramping up and designing programs to take advantage of the current distress in the single-family market. A lot of variables playing out in coming years will determine whether this REO-to-rental space ultimately becomes a core institutional investment category.


I Have a Dream: Fueling the Economic Renaissance of 2013

 In my dream, it is a beautiful spring day in 2032. Graduation ceremonies are taking place at colleges, trade and secondary schools across the country. Commencement speakers are presenting laudatory reviews of the economic miracle that the urban places of America had wrung from the opportunities of the economic outfall of the worldwide recession that started early in the 21st century. The speakers reminded audiences, which included many who were too young to remember those grim days, that the great recession of 2007 was caused by urban land and building price escalations in the fastest-growing regions of the country, which were exacerbated and spread across the country by nationwide imprudent lending policies.


The Money Talks: Notes from the Spring Editorial Advisory Board Meeting

The 2012 Spring Editorial Advisory Board meeting of The Institutional Real Estate Letter – North Americaconvened in mid-April in Laguna Beach, Calif., at The Montage Resort, where members gathered to discuss the challenges and opportunities in today’s institutional real estate investment marketplace. Attendees at the meeting included 33 investors (pension funds, endowments, foundations, life companies), 38 representatives from the publication’s sponsor firms (primarily investment managers), 12 consultants, eight Institutional Real Estate, Inc. staff members and three guests.

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