- June 2012: Vol. 24 No. 6

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I Have a Dream: Fueling the Economic Renaissance of 2013

by Claude Gruen

In my dream, it is a beautiful spring day in 2032. Graduation ceremonies are taking place at colleges, trade and secondary schools across the country. Commencement speakers are presenting laudatory reviews of the economic miracle that the urban places of America had wrung from the opportunities of the economic outfall of the worldwide recession that started early in the 21st century. The speakers reminded audiences, which included many who were too young to remember those grim days, that the great recession of 2007 was caused by urban land and building price escalations in the fastest-growing regions of the country, which were exacerbated and spread across the country by nationwide imprudent lending policies.

The struggle to recover from the recession occurred at a time when it also became evident that a new economic world had been created. The multiple big bangs of tectonic changes in transportation, communication, production and medical technologies revolutionized sociopoli

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