Institutional Real Estate Europe

June 1, 2021: Vol. 15, Number 6

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A glass half full: Despite myriad challenges, institutional investors adapt amid COVID-19

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the institutional real estate community has taken steps to adapt, which can be seen in the responses to our annual investor survey. They revealed an impact on real estate investment activity in 2020, though lesser than occurred during the global financial crisis, according to 2021 Institutional Investors Real Estate Trends, the 25th annual investor survey jointly conducted by Institutional Real Estate, Inc and Kingsley, a Grace Hill Co.


Smart storage: By adopting tech, self-storage operators can thrive in an increasingly competitive age

New technology is changing established business models within real estate. The shift to more tech-driven structures is being fuelled, in part, by the goal for portfolios to become net-zero carbon. However, there are also salient commercial motivations to adopt more tech, such as operational efficiencies and an improved customer experience. The direction of travel is clear, but it has left many in the industry playing catch-up.


A global dialogue: Editors share takeaways from 2021’s virtual Editorial Advisory Board meetings

During the past few months, investors, managers and consultants joined the virtual Editorial Advisory Board meetings for each of Institutional Real Estate, Inc’s regional publications, to discuss the most pressing issues facing the real estate investment industry. The 2021 editorial board of Institutional Real Estate Europe met virtually 15–18 February; the editorial board of Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific met virtually 2–5 March; and the editorial board of Institutional Real Estate Americas met virtually 6–9 April.


Patience and prudence: Leveraging opportunities through long-term capital

The world has gone through an unprecedented amount of rapid change over the last 12 months. The impact of COVID-19 and successive lockdowns has caused people’s lifestyles and working habits to adapt considerably, and even with the justified optimism caused by the rollout of the vaccine, it is clear that there is no magic “reset” button. Now, more than a year on from the start of the pandemic and as we continue on the roadmap to a “new normal”, there are many questions about what this “normal” will look like and how many of these changes will remain permanent, even once the pandemic has subsided.

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