Institutional Real Estate Europe

June 1, 2015: Vol. 9, Number 6

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Spoilt for choice: The real estate universe is a wonderful thing

This month’s cover story focuses on technology and real estate with a nod to one of my favourite groups, Pink Floyd. Describing how new methods of multi-channel retailing, logistics and other “new” modalities will affect tenancy is all part of Steve Bergsman’s piece and offers some interesting perspectives on how this will all play out.


Poland: Deals from top to bottom

According to Cushman & Wakefield, the strong investment activity of 2014 in the core central European markets of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania continued into Q1 2015, with €1.3 billion invested.


Berlin: A city of going, going, gone landmarks

25 years after the two Germanies were formally reunified, it is still possible in Berlin, just, to know whether you are in what was West Berlin or East Berlin. Much has changed in the city but the telltale signs are still there.


Welcome to the machine: As technology unfurls, real estate markets alter course

If one looks at the history of technology and investment in real estate, it would unfold in a structure not much different than that of a classic, three-act play. The drama of the story, if not the tragedy, is introduced in Act One; the response to the onset of the drama unfolds in Act Two; and we behold the bright and sunny future in Act Three.


Continental drift: Real estate investment provides a good example of Europe

The continental European real estate market is gaining ground on the United Kingdom and other markets that have been quicker to recover in this cycle. The start of the recovery in capital values on the continent, coupled with cyclical opportunities to add value through asset management, has drawn investors back to Europe.

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