- June 1, 2015: Vol. 9, Number 6

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Making the grade: Student accommodation is receiving serious attention from real estate investors

by Richard Fleming

Another year, another set of final school exams, another student cohort, another new student accommodation block. One batch of students leaves their first-year-away-from-home home, older and wiser but not necessarily richer. Another batch arrives for their first year away from home, burdened already by hefty student loans and the need to pay the first term’s rent upfront but wide-eyed and eager to plunge into the pleasures of student life. They arrive laden with possessions — some necessary, many not — and move into their student accommodation. It wasn’t always so straightforward. As any parent will tell you, it used to be, well, different — not worse, not better, just different. Every parent who went to college will tell you a tale about their student days, often involving a private-rental landlord.

Supply-demand dynamics Student accommodation has been put alongside hotels, healthcare, nursing homes and self-storage facilities as a niche prop

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