Institutional Real Estate Americas

June 1, 2015: Vol. 27, Number 6

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Pulling together: The right local partner is crucial for both foreign and domestic investors

Capital flows in and out of regions; countries and continents are growing at an ever-increasing pace. While some foreign investors prefer to acquire assets outright and avoid the potentially complex process of acquiring a property in parallel with structuring a joint-venture agreement, most seem to prefer the security of working with someone who knows the local market. You do not have to be an international investor, however, to feel the need for a partner with local knowledge. 


The hybrid office: A major shift is under way in the U.S. office market

Hybrid office space incorporates elements of both traditional space and the “creative” office space. Office occupiers from all types of industries are driving this secular shift by demanding the “right” mix of collaborative versus private space, natural light, and amenities such as juice and coffee bars in their offices. Traditional office buildings that cannot accommodate these needs are becoming increasingly less desirable and outdated, challenging their long-term performance within a real estate portfolio. 


Real estate hits the sweet spot

The U.S. real estate market is entering a sweet spot in its current cycle that could last for the next several years, and risk levels remain generally low, according to a recent report from MetLife Real Estate Investors. 

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