Institutional Real Estate Europe

June 1, 2009: Vol. 3, Number 6

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Let's Pool Party

During the past five years, unlisted and listed indirect real estate investment products have become the primary way for institutional investors to commit capital to real estate. The exponential increase in the number of funds and vehicles available for indirect investment has paralleled the explosion of capital that flowed to the asset class.


To Re or Not to Re

Following the very negative returns from almost all risky assets in 2008, many pension funds that adopted a fixed weight strategic asset allocation policy will now find themselves substantially underweight to riskier assets compared to more secure assets.


Stuck in the Middle

As the worldwide economic downturn continues, the attention of property investors is increasingly focused on its likely impact on occupiers. This is not merely because of the growing possibility of rising levels of tenant distress and void risk, but also because of the growing need for landlords to engage with their tenants in innovative and flexible ways.


Shop Talk: A Conversation with Frank Schaich

Fair Value REIT-AG, based in Munich, is one of only two REITs that have been established in Germany since the G-REIT legislation was introduced in June 2007. As we know, the intervening period has been characterised by turbulent times for listed property companies. Editor Richard Fleming spoke recently with Fair Value’s CEO Frank Schaich about the company’s aims and objectives and about how he sees events in the wider real estate world unfolding.

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