Institutional Real Estate Europe

July 1, 2014: Vol. 8, Number 7

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Waiting to erupt: Geopolitics and real estate investing don't mix

The crisis in Ukraine and the dispute over a group of small islands in the East China Sea have underscored the potential for geopolitical issues to send shockwaves through the financial markets. But how likely is it that such local tensions could cause serious problems for economies and investment markets worldwide?


A trial of strength: Improving real estate market fundamentals should offset potential interest rate headwinds

Looking forward, as economies improve, increasingly real estate performance may be driven as much by improving market fundamentals as by strength of capital flows. As a result, variations in both the local pace and timing of strengthening market fundamentals will likely differentiate the growth of real estate values at the asset level and across cities and sectors around the world.


2014 fundraising off to a great start

Fundraising activity started the year with a bang as 23 funds wrapped up their marketing efforts in the first quarter of 2014 with an aggregate $21.7 billion (€15.9 billion).


Russia sanctions not an issue for London resi

Opinions are mixed on what the economic sanctions that have been imposed on Russia and Russians for their supposed transgressions in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis might mean for the high-end London residential market.


Market Focus: Cologne, Germany

Located south of Düsseldorf in the densely-populated federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany, with more than 1 million inhabitants. With take-up levels of 64,000 square metres, Cologne’s office market had a very strong start to the year, producing the third-best first-quarter results in 10 years.

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