Institutional Real Estate Americas

July 1, 2014: Vol. 26, Number 7

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The war for talent: Building the next great investment house is all about recruiting professionals who have the chops

Both big and small players in the real estate investment business  do battle for college graduates and star veterans with the brightest minds and most competitive instincts. It is a business, in the final analysis, whose success rests entirely on an organization’s ability to turn into a hothouse of talent. That means organizations must do three things exceptionally well: recruit, develop and retain the most productive people.


The forgotten suburbs: Investors are excited about CBDs, but the

Many once-burgeoning suburbs are now being passed over by investors who are more bullish on the outlook for American cities. Nowhere is the split more evident than in the office sector — where prices for central business district assets are now slightly higher than peak levels while prices for suburban properties are still about 25 percent below peak levels


Infrastructure REITs hit expansion mode

Infrastructure REITs have found a profitable calling in life — assisting the nation’s biggest telecommunication carriers in moving from 3G to 4G wireless networks. The largest infrastructure REITs are benefiting from strong demand generated by the four major wireless carriers, which are upgrading their networks and wireless services.


All-cash buyers flood residential market

When the housing market pancaked in 2008, homeowners and builders fretted the market would turn to molasses as mortgage lenders started requiring significant down payments for loan approvals. Who could afford $50,000 down payments, especially when so many people were out of work or absorbing pay cuts?


EY report: Bribery and corruption worsen

Bribery and corruption remain pervasive business problems, and not just in developing countries. According to the 12th global fraud survey from EY, 29 percent of the survey’s 2,700 respondents from around the world reported that bribery or corrupt practices occur “frequently” in their countries.


The broken contract: The French aristocracy never saw it coming either

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said it eloquently and poignantly: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Life in the 21st century, for many, is extremely fragile, and in some instances a large number of families are getting crushed economically. These are the tortured souls. A hostile environment populated by tortured souls is dangerous to society.


Construction outlook regains momentum

Data compiled by McGraw Hill Construction shows that its Dodge Momentum Index gained 2.0 percent in May following April’s strong rebound, when the index advanced 8.4 percent after having retreated in February and March. 


Debt catches fire: Growing popularity of U.S. commercial real estate lending attracts global players

The commercial real estate debt market is in a very healthy state today as borrowers benefit from high capital availability because of favorable market fundamentals supporting lender demand. A large but responsible level of capital, available from a variety of sources and across an array of structures, has been supporting refinancing of quality properties and new acquisition financing of equity transactions.


Those balmy days of summer: Beware the fall

With the welcomed arrival of summer, receding memories of 2008 and the ongoing recovery, we are filled with excitement and hope for the future. Now, maybe, is the time to review what we may not know, or may have forgotten, about real estate, and revisit its place within a multi-asset portfolio.


India may finally be paving the road to Shambala

Some rock stars write hit songs about mythical places, such as a kingdom hidden somewhere in Inner Asia. Others are elected presidents of great nations and promise to turn the mythological into reality. The smashing election of new India president Narendra Modi is one of those occasions that promise the latter.

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