Institutional Real Estate Americas

January 1, 2022: Vol. 34, Number 1

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Lending in volatile markets: Commercial real estate debt investors face headwinds from many directions

Liquidity within global real estate financing markets remains deep. Several major catalysts — including the health crisis; the macro environment; a raft of sector-specific headwinds; and increased climate risk and environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements — are collectively institutionalizing change in how the financing market is structured and how loans are underwritten. Overall, the […]


The money talks: The most pressing issues discussed at the 2021 Editorial Advisory Board meetings

During the past few months, investors, managers and consultants participated in Editorial Advisory Board meetings for each of Institutional Real Estate, Inc.’s regional publications, to discuss the most pressing issues facing the real estate investment industry. The editorial board of Institutional Real Estate Americas met in person Sept. 1–3, 2021, in Southern California; the editorial […]


Outlook for 2022: COVID-19 propels real estate into the future

“We stand now at the turning point between two eras. Behind us is a past to which we can never return …” — Arthur C. Clarke Lockdowns and fear, induced by the world’s first pandemic in 100 years, are beginning to fade in conjunction with unprecedented leaps in human ingenuity and endeavor. Rapid advances in […]


Omicron OMG: Hopes and fears as we start a new year

One of the best parts of my job is talking to people in the industry and hearing what they are thinking about. And what they are thinking about right now is the potential upheaval from yet another COVID-19 surge. Two different people, in two separate interviews, quoted the same line from Michael Corleone (played by […]


Commercial real estate lenders can play an ESG role

When it comes to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in real estate, commercial real estate lenders can also play a role. “Commercial real estate properties are one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions, and property owners are shifting focus to curtailing emissions and upgrading properties to accomplish their ESG goals,” notes Alex Cohen, […]


Employment increases by 210,000 jobs in November

Total nonfarm payroll employment in the United States increased by 210,000 jobs in November, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the unemployment rate declined to 4.2 percent. On average, the U.S. economy has added 555,000 jobs per month this year, and the increase in jobs during September and October was revised upward to […]


Small to mid-size industrial dominates leasing market

The industrial real estate sector continued to break records going into the tail end of 2021, according to JLL’s Third Quarter Industrial Report, with smaller properties dominating the leasing market. Rising ecommerce activity has become a primary driver of demand for smaller logistics facilities, making the most popular size segment for leasing 10,000 square feet […]


Competitive housing market pushes higher-income millennials toward renting

The number of higher-income millennials who are renting instead of buying a home is on the rise, according to RentCafe. The share of applications for apartments from renters who earn more than $50,000 is at its highest level in five years, 39 percent, as many would-be homebuyers were priced out of an overly competitive real […]

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