Institutional Real Estate Europe

December 1, 2010 Vol. 4 No. 11

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If You Know It When You See It, Clap Your Hands: Emerging Trends Can Be Hard to Spot - But Are Well Worth Finding

When does a trend become recognisable as such? When enough people have seen some significance in a progression of numbers or statements or events? When enough time has passed? When someone declares a trend to be so? With an economic recession, for example, it’s quite straightforward — two consecutive quarters of negative GDP numbers, and you’ve got yourself a recession. You may not want one, but you’ve got one. We’ve had one and, with people talking more openly now about the possibility of a double-dip situation as economic growth falters, we may get another one.


Get Moving: The Last to Act Is Often the First to Fail

Safety in numbers is a natural instinct that pervades every aspect of life, from herds of herbivores seeking protection against roving predators on the Serengeti to clumps of male teenagers cowering together seeking protection against roving bands of girls at the school dance. There is a comfort and assurance that goes hand in hand with following the group, assuaging concerns that you might be headed in the wrong direction or face danger alone. In the investment world, when huddled in a group there is much less risk of failure. There is also the distinct possibility that you will not succeed.


Shop Talk: A Conversation with Graeme Newell

Graeme Newell is professor of real estate investment at the University of Western Sydney in Australia. He is also currently executive director of the International Real Estate Society. Newell has strong links to the real estate industry, both in Australia and overseas, and recently prepared a major report for APREA, the Asia Pacific Real Estate Association, titled The Significance of Real Estate in Asian Pension Funds.The findings were presented in September at VIP – Asia Investor Roundtable, a conference jointly sponsored by Institutional Real Estate, Inc and APREA. Jennifer Molloy, editor of The Letter – Europe’s sister publication The Letter – Asia Pacific,spoke with Newell to discuss the findings.

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