- December 1, 2010 Vol. 4 No. 11

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Get Moving: The Last to Act Is Often the First to Fail

by McLean McGregor

Safety in numbers is a natural instinct that pervades every aspect of life, from herds of herbivores seeking protection against roving predators on the Serengeti to clumps of male teenagers cowering together seeking protection against roving bands of girls at the school dance. There is a comfort and assurance that goes hand in hand with following the group, assuaging concerns that you might be headed in the wrong direction or face danger alone. In the investment world, when huddled in a group there is much less risk of failure. There is also the distinct possibility that you will not succeed.

Consider the group of boys at the school dance: each one is trying to convince his peers of his prowess and bravery, all the while quietly terrified that he might actually have to prove it if one of those young women were to walk over. Similarly, the girls on the opposite side of the room are gathered together, disdainfully discussing how they wish they had real

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