Institutional Real Estate Europe

April 1, 2014: Vol. 8, Number 4

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Going places: The European real estate investment scene has improved markedly, and investors are considering all options

If there was a theme for commercial real estate in 2013, it was one of recovery. The global market grew by $549 billion (€400 billion), an increase of 18 percent on 2012. With risk-free assets a concept consigned to history — for now, at least — there is a tsunami of money looking for a relatively safe, preferably index-linked, home and Europe has been the beneficiary.



Virtuous but elusive: Investors talk the talk but don't walk the walk

This year’s Visions, Insights & Perspectives – Europe conference took place in Copenhagen at the end of February. Just as the weather was much better than anyone had the right to expect in Copenhagen at the end of February, the conversation was much more optimistic than anyone had the right to expect among investors who are still finding their way out of the recession.


Paris drives French property market

French property market activity continues to centre on Île-de-France. According to Cushman & Wakefield, the region around and including Paris represented €11.1 billion of transaction turnover in 2013.


Good things in store for European logistics

The past year has finally seen an upturn in the European economy, and few sectors have enjoyed it more than European logistics. Across Europe, investor turnover in the sector topped €14 billion for the year.


Q4 2013 volume nears €70b

The European property market can be basically divided into two groups: London and everything else. In the fourth quarter of 2013, some €13.5 billion in transactions changed hands in London.

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