Safety concerns over solar panel installation remain high
Research - JANUARY 23, 2024

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Safety concerns over solar panel installation remain high

by Marek Handzel

Safety concerns over solar panels on rooftops remains high as increasing numbers of property owners are set to install photovoltaic (PV) systems on commercial buildings.

In a new report, Solnet Group — a solar energy company — says solar panels that are improperly installed or maintained contribute not only to physical safety hazards, such as fires, but also to power outages and financial losses. Solnet Group cites a study conducted by Clean Energy Associates from June 2023, which found 97 percent of the rooftop solar installations inspected in 14 different countries had major safety concerns.

Solnet Group says a thorough understanding of these risks is necessary as more companies install rooftop solar to mitigate high energy costs and comply with new regulations.

The European Parliament and the European Council recently reached a provisional agreement on the strengthened Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), which will require rooftop solar on a

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