Research - APRIL 23, 2014

Report: gap in exposure to direct ownership of real assets

by Drew Campbell

Aquila Capital surveyed European institutional investors about their real assets programs and found 57 percent believe direct ownership is the best way to invest in the asset class but only 43 percent currently use the strategy. Specialized investment funds (38 percent), closed-end funds (32 percent) and club/co-investments and managed accounts (16 percent) are other strategies participants reported using.

“Nine out of 10 investors said they had some exposure to real assets, and 44 had more than 10 percent exposure,” Aquila reports. “Property was the most popular asset, with 74 percent of investors having exposure to it, followed by infrastructure (37 percent); commodities (26 percent); renewable energy (21 percent); timber (18 percent); shipping (7.9 percent) and farmland (2.6 percent).”

The complete report, which was published in March 2014, can be found on Aquila’s website.

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