Research - DECEMBER 19, 2019

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LaSalle’s 2020 ISA advises agility and pragmatism when constructing real estate investment strategies in North America

by Andrea Zander

The U.S. and Canadian real estate markets are projected to remain stable in 2020, as both economies are expected to continue to grow due to a combination of strong employment, positive consumer sentiment and fiscal stimulus, according to LaSalle Investment Management’s Investment Strategy Annual (ISA) 2020. However, fundamentals vary considerably market-to-market, requiring careful analysis. The same is true for the demographic, technology, urbanization and environmental factors impacting property sectors. To best position themselves to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risk in the year ahead, investors should maintain a strategic balance of offensive and defensive positions in their real estate portfolios.

While North America’s two largest economies are positioned to continue experiencing slow, sustained growth, each is susceptible to risks to their respective outlooks. Both countries are struggling to deal with stagnant middle-class income growth and sha

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