Research - NOVEMBER 10, 2016

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International interest in Swedish listed real estate increases

by Andrea Waitrovich

The strong fundamentals of the Nordic real estate market are resulting in increasing amounts of foreign capital being targeted at domestically listed property companies and creating stock market premiums, according to Brunswick Real Estate’s investment banking arm.

The research also shows foreign investors, who have been significant owners of Swedish listed real estate for a long time, are increasing their share in the sector. The data shows total market capitalization from foreign sources increased from 17 percent in 1997 to 25 percent in 2015, most of which occurred during the past five years and mainly due to global money managers who were already large owners of Swedish listed real estate before 2010 having increased their exposure to the sector.   At the same time, the total market size quintupled. Moreover, the Swedish stock market as a whole has a higher foreign ownership, catering for continued capital inflow to listed real estate.

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