Research - FEBRUARY 18, 2022

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Graceada Partners report: Companies change towards more ‘gigitized’ nature

by Andrea Zander

A virtual, digital, and information-oriented economy comes with consequences: People can work wherever they want and the work they do takes less time because they have the technology aiding every step of the way, said Ryan Swehla and Joe Muratore, principals and co-founders at Graceada Partners, in “5 Ways the Outpost Economy is Changing America’s Landscape Today.” The report focuses on  how the outpost economy is changing America and leading companies toward a more “gigitized” nature.

This shift allows employers who otherwise would be hesitant to let people work remotely to do so. In some cases, they have no alternative.

Five trends already are happening and will continue for three to five years because of the outpost economy. This will create a secular shift in the lives of Americans and impact housing, the economy, and investors everywhere.

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