Research - JANUARY 13, 2022

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Europe needs to embrace further high-rise residential projects

by Marek Handzel

Large parts of continental Europe need to build new high-rise residential projects to both help create "greener" urban areas and alleviate the pressure on housing stock.

Frederic Jariel, co-head of real estate at Tikehau Capital, says densification could play a large part in solving Europe's housing crisis. Jariel argues high-rise residential towers are greener, as they take up a smaller plot of land, can be constructed in central urban areas that shorten commuter times and eliminate the need for extra car-use due to their proximity to essential goods and services.

"There are high-quality residential rises in Asia, and to some extent in London," he said. “This hasn’t come to continental Europe yet, but it will, and it could prove to be a solution to the housing problem."

New development of residential assets could be aided by a drop in secondary office use across parts of Europe, suggests Jariel, who also sees a further push by investors and managers to rede

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