Amherst releases 2023 market outlook report
Research - FEBRUARY 3, 2023

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Amherst releases 2023 market outlook report

by Andrea Zander

Expect resilience in the housing market despite softening home prices, according to Amherst in its 2023 market outlook. The firm expects only a gradual decline in home prices due to counterbalancing upward pressures on prices, such as low inventory levels, strong employment and strong consumer spending. Interest-rate hikes are dampening short-term demand for home ownership, while reinforcing the value proposition of single-family homes for lease.

Key themes include:

Housing demand driven by significant deficit in quality homes: The U.S. housing market is 1.6 million housing units short of what is needed for existing households, and Amherst estimates a deficit of 3 million households relative to early/mid-2000s levels. The majority of this deficit is in single-family versus multifamily homes. Don’t Stand Pat on 60/40 Portfolios: Real estate is an ideal candidate for reducing risk in a tradition
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