Annual Investor Survey

This past year has presented challenges that could not have been anticipated before we launched the 2020 survey, which began data collection in November 2019. As a matter of reference, last year’s survey revealed that U.S. investors decreased their target allocations to foreign real estate. This continued a recent trend of declining emphasis abroad, reaching a three-year low target percentage in 2020. Domestic investors’ declining emphasis on foreign real estate was countered by an expanded focus on value-added and opportunistic strategies at home, which both increased from 2019.

Now that we’ve gone close to a full year of working within the COVID pandemic environment, how much has this sentiment changed, if at all? Have you shifted to new strategies and allocations, or are you continuing on as previously planned?

To complete the 2021 Annual Investor Survey, please click here.

As you may be aware, the Institutional Real Estate, Inc. Annual Investor Survey is the gold standard of global investor sentiment for the entire industry. IREI and Kingsley, A Grace Hill Company, have conducted the Investor Survey for the past 24 years. Last year, we received responses from 196 institutional investors from around the globe. This year, we’re looking forward to your participation and sharing the survey’s results and insights with you. We are excited to discover what trends will emerge in 2021, and we need influential investors, such as yourself, to work with us by participating in the 2021 Annual Investor Survey.

To view a copy of the full 2020 report, click here.

Thank you in advance for your time and participation. A copy of the full 2021 report will be sent to all survey participants. In addition, respondents will be offered complimentary subscriptions to several IREI publications.

If you have further questions regarding the survey, please contact Karen Palma with Institutional Real Estate, Inc. at +1 925 244 0500 x 136 or

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