IREI : LIVE – Uncovering Opportunities in the Grocery Real Estate Sector

The last century, and particularly the pandemic era, has highlighted the irreplaceable role grocery real estate plays in distributing essential goods and services to consumers every day.

While most non-essential businesses shut down during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, grocers and other essential goods providers remained open. In fact, global grocery spending hit record levels in 2020, and shoppers' demand for speed and convenience drove outsized increases in online grocery sales. Brick-and-mortar grocers, which are conveniently located in close proximity to end consumers, have been integral to the fulfillment of these sales. These neighborhood stores provide the critical infrastructure needed to facilitate all modes of food distribution — including in-store sales, click and collect orders and home delivery — in a cost-efficient way.

This webinar explores the unique opportunity grocery real estate presents for investors worldwide. Industry professionals discuss the regional nuances within the grocery sector and how investors can unlock opportunities across markets, new technologies that are enabling grocery real estate occupiers to provide even faster and more economical last mile delivery solutions, ESG considerations for investors in this specific asset class and more. (11/2021)

Chase McWhorter, Managing Director, Americas
Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

Brady Welch, Founding Partner
Slate Asset Management

Eric Schlenker, Investment Manager
California Public Employees' Retirement System

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