IREI : LIVE — Real Estate Debt

During the Real Estate Debt webinar a number of established thought leaders in the real estate debt space are brought together to help you put opportunities and risks into perspective. During these panel discussions, you will gain new insights on the fundamentals of real estate debt, as well as find out how and why it’s still an attractive option in today’s inflationary and rising interest rate environment. By examining and discussing a variety of different strategies, sectors and vehicles across the risk/return spectrum, you will better see how everything fits together and be able to make more informed decisions regarding strategies that best fit your profile. (03/2022)

Chase McWhorter
Managing Director, Americas and Infrastructure, Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

Part 1: Fundamentals of real estate debt and senior debt strategies 

  • What is the role of real estate debt within a diversified investment portfolio?
  • How has the opportunity set evolved over time, and where is it going?
  • How have credit standards and returns changed in the sector during the past five years?
  • A look at the different approaches to senior debt strategies


Peter Crosson
Chief Real Estate Portfolio Manager, Alaska Electrical Pension Fund

Ronnie Gul
Principal, Mesa West Capital

David Maki
Senior Managing Director, Heitman

Charlie Rose
Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, Invesco Real Estate

Part II: Fundamentals of high-return real estate debt strategies including senior loan, B-note and mezzanine strategies

  • What should you look for when evaluating a real estate debt manager?
  • With elevated market volatility and a rising rate environment, what are the risks and opportunities for real estate debt investors?
  • Different approaches to high-return strategies, including senior loans, B-notes and mezzanine
  • Examine the risks and benefits of various leverage strategies, including warehouse/repo facilities, selling an A note, and CRE CLO financing


Michael Comparato
Head of Real Estate, Benefit Street Partners

Colin Hill
Senior Vice President, Real Estate Consultant, Meketa Investment Group

Adam Tantleff
Managing Principal, Madison Realty Capital


Franklin Templeton – Benefit Street Partners
Invesco Real Estate
Madison Realty Capital Advisors
Mesa West Capital

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