IREI: LIVE – Why multifamily now? A selective look at multifamily markets and strategies in the United States and Europe

In a world of increasing economic uncertainty, with rising inflation, interest rates and slowing economies, how is the multifamily sector positioned internationally today? What are the universal attributes to this sector? Does today's volatile market imply trends are shifting? Will today's challenges become tailwinds or headwinds for this sector long term? Discover why multifamily is a timely investment today and which strategies are most compelling.

This webinar is broken into two parts, each featuring a group of expert speakers. Following you will find the agenda highlighting content for each discussion. (08/2022)

Session One: Universal strengths of multifamily investments in the United States and European markets

  • Examine how and why multifamily is a resilient sector in times of economic uncertainty and inflation
  • Discover how macro demographic and supply trends across selective multifamily markets in the United States and Europe are creating tailwinds for this sector
  • Review how technology is impacting and reshaping the multifamily sector today and in the future

Session Two: Defining opportunity sets in selective markets in the United States and Europe

  • Find out what cities and regions in the United States and Europe offer some of the best multifamily fundamentals
  • Examine what are some of the key risks to watch in each of these markets
  • Discover what strategies are most compelling in these markets, and why

Nick Russell
Head of Investor Account Management
Juniper Square

David Dix
Townsend Group

Stanislav Kubáček
Senior Managing Director

Caleb Mercer
Managing Director

Hans Nordby
Head of Research & Strategy
Lionstone Investments

Maria Surina
Investment Director, Real Assets
Cambridge Associates

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