IREI : LIVE – The future of real estate investing in gateway markets

Migration away from gateway markets has caused smaller markets to outperform in recent years, with an acceleration of this trend occurring as the pandemic began in 2020. Real estate investors have arguably been slow to price this risk in, but cap and discount rates are now wider in markets such as Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and New York City, than in places like Atlanta and Phoenix, in our view. This webinar will highlight MetLife Investment Management’s expectations for real estate performance in gateway markets. (12/2022)

Jeanine Lester
Head of Washington, D.C. Regional Office, Real Estate
MetLife Investment Management

William Pattison
Head of Real Estate Research & Strategy
MetLife Investment Management

Matthew Sharples
Portfolio Manager and Head of Chicago Regional Office, Real Estate
MetLife Investment Management

Sponsored by:
MetLife Investment Management

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